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Best golf driver for women review 2018

best golf driver for women

Best golf driver for women – Not all drivers created the same. If you find On the internet there are many reviews about the best clubs, but the club is only for men, while women also need a customized club. The perfect driver will give you maximum distance, feel, control and forgiveness.

There are many manufacturers of women’s golf drivers who are made of a variety of materials that can be worn by amateur and golfer professionals. in this article we are going to review the best women golf driver to get the perfect fit.

Here are the best golf driver for women:

  • Best Overall – Callaway Golf 2017 Women’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver
  • Most forgiving – Taylormade Women’s M2
  • Most Favorite – Cobra Women’s Fly-Z XL Golf Driver
  • Most adjustable – TaylorMade Women’s R15 Driver
  • Best for accuracy – Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver
  • Best for the money – AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum Driver
  • Best for beginner – Callaway Women’s XR 16 Driver
  • Best for Senior – Pacific Golf Clubs Senior Women’s
  • Best for kids – Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Girl’s Individual Golf Clubs

Best Overall – Callaway Women’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

best golf drivers for women

Great Callaway Ladies Big Bertha Epic Driver 460cc is the best golf driver for women, has an elegant design and made with Breakthrough Innovation Technology called “Jailbreak” that can dramatically increase distance by transferring more energy to the ball.

Head crown made from Titanium Exo-Cage which is light but strong paired with a triaxial carbon crown that weighs only 9.7g (the lightest Callaway crown) that makes it most forgiving driver.

Simplified Head crown combines exclusive speed steps made with Input Directly from aerospace experts, increasing airflow for more swing speeds

This driver will give you maximum control and distance with the redesigned track and 17g weight slide allows you to adjust the club to your swing, giving 21 meters of correction.

Big Bertha Epic’s has four high-quality Stock premium shaft options: Diamana, Hazard, Fuji, and Rogue in four different weights. This Shafts are widely used by pro golfer to increase speed, strength, feel, stability and control.

This driver is Best golf driver for women that need extra distance, control, and feel.

Most forgiving – Taylormade Women’s M2

best ladies golf driver

One of the most important factor before deciding to buy a new golf club is the forgiveness. Forgiving driver will give you more advantage such as: correct mishit, giving extra distance, better feel and control that improve your game

Taylormade M2 is the most forgiving driver for women, this is one of the most favorite driver used by men and women. When using this driver you will get more distance, better control and make you more confident

This driver has a Geocoustic technology, combines geometry and acoustic that gives maximum forgiveness. Made of 6 layers of carbon titanium which makes it very light so it can produce high launch very easily.

Equipped with Fujikura Reax shafts have very high quality that is specially designed so that it feels smooth to swing

Most Favorite – Cobra Women’s Fly-Z XL Golf Driver

most favorite woman golf driver

Cobra Women’s Fly-Z XL is the most favorite woman golf driver and become one of the best seller women golf club, it has become favorite because 3 reasons: beautiful design, great performance for reduce slice and affordable price.

Having 3 main features, the Speed Channel Face to increase Speed, the Offset Design to shot the ball easier, and Weighting Zone Technology for maximum forgiveness

Fly-Z XL is made from titanium that has a slightly lower profile combined with offset hosel to help golfer reduce slice. This driver offers 10.5 meters of additional draw bias, which makes it the perfect driver for slice correction.

With technology and lightweight materials used can save weight and help provide maximum forgiveness and draw bias. High MOI combined with offset design makes Fly-Z XL easier to hit straight by correcting slices, increasing stability and keeping distance.

Most adjustable – TaylorMade Women’s R15 Driver

best ladies golf club


If you are looking for a multifunctional adjustable driver that can you tweak to get maximum performance and use it any condition the TaylorMade Women’s R15 Driver is the right choice.

This driver has 460cc head Low-forward CG promotes low speed and a New Front Track System that reduces rotation and larger sweet spot

R15 has two 12.5 gram sliding split weights heel that you can adjust to get the maximum distance. This driver also has an adjustable 4 degree loft sleeve to adjust your launch

This driver is a perfect choice for beginner golfers. The features of adjustable lofts and adjustable draw/fade bias that fits all types of golfers.

Best for accuracy – Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

best woman golf driver for accuracy

There are many drivers on the market but only few offer accuracy, if you are a golfer who has a fast swing speed and less accuracy F-Max Offset Driver is the perfect choice. Has an Offset buffer design that is almost the same as the Fly-Z XL, but this driver is more accurate.

The hosel Offset design creates a higher launch with more draw bias for straighter and accurate shots, Ultralight material can increase the maximum speed and distance even if you have a slower swing speed

Using Fixed back / heel CG weight make this driver forgiving and give straighter shots, visually striking black color makes it easy to Strait on the Tee

Best for the money – AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum Driver

best cheap women golf driver

AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum Driver is the best cheap women golf driver that will be perfect for beginner golfer in tight budget that want to get a better performance.

Magnum means Maximum Distance Technology, this driver created to give maximum distance with combination of high-quality metal, brilliant face design and heavy distribution to produce highly forgiving drivers.

This driver can provide maximum distance and has a High MOI which makes it forgiving driver it is suitable for beginner golfer who has high handicap

Magnum Driver made from of ultra-strong material with a traditional and simple. Flex using high energy release graphite shaft specifically made for Ladies

When you used to play with expensive driver and then use this driver, you can’t feel or tell the difference.

Best for beginner – Callaway Women’s XR 16 Driver

best ladies golf driver for beginners

If you are a beginner ladies golfer who wants to get the best driver for high handicapers at affordable prices XR 16 is the best option.

Callaway XR 16 balances the aerodynamic design with forgiveness which allows you to swing the club as fast as possible and keep the ball straight

This driver has a big head size that gives you a big sweet spot that will reduce mishit on every shots, 9 grams lighter than the previous model which will make you feel very good and faster when swinging this driver.

The center of gravity is low and deep ensures you can launch the ball and bring it to the air easily. Coupled with high Momentum Inertia provides a good amount of energy transfer. So as to produce the maximum distance

Best for Senior – Pacific Golf Clubs Senior Women’s

best golf driver for senior women

If you want to buy golf drivers as gifts for sisters, mothers, aunts over 50 years old, you should consider this advice “senior golfer need a senior golf driver to play a better golf”

When we get older we will become weaker, easily lose focus, that will affect swing speed and ability to hit the ball. Therefore drivers with special shafts and bright colors is best for senior because it will make you more focused and get more distance when hitting the ball.

The fact is, Very difficult to find golf drivers for senior woman. One of the right choices is the Pacific Golf Clubs Senior Women’s, which is specifically designed for women senior golfer to play a better golf

This driver is 460cc that’s has massive sweet spot to correct a hit. Using a Premium Lightweight Graphite Shaft – Senior Ladies Flex that is very comfortable when swinging the driver. With a simple pink design make it easier to get focused when hitting on the green.

Best for kids – Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Girl’s Individual Golf Clubs

best ladies golf clubs for juniors

if you have a children with a certain talents we will definitely support them. generally their interests and talents can be seen from a young age, and if you have a daughter who has an interest and talent to play golf it is wise to give her a gift to develop her talent and become unforgettable memories for her.

However, there are very few golf driver options available for girls.After searching for some reviews, we rate Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Girl’s driver is the right choice as a gift if you have children aged 5-8 years

This driver has a beautiful and elegant appearance, with a Flexible composite shaft and soft rubber grip that is very comfortable to use. This driver is best ladies golf clubs for juniors and Great starter club for the little one


Thats all the Best golf driver for women, which one do you prefer? share your impression when using that club on comment section.


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