There are many golf courses to play on and choosing the right one is important.

If you are a beginner and do not want to have issues then you want to stay with a easy level public course so that you do not slow down any other golfers.

You can find public and private courses to play on so choosing the right one for you may depends on how much you want to pay to play.

Most of your public courses are regulated and the green fees will be a lot less expensive than a private country club. Most of your private clubs have a yearly fee plus monthly dues and if you play occasionally it may not be worth it.

Some people like to play the famous golf courses such as pebble beach. Make sure that you check ahead to see if they have room because most of the popular courses fill up fast. You may want to try to play in an off time such as during the week because on the weekend it can get very crowded.

Remember that whatever type of golf course you decide to play on you need to call ahead to make a reservation. There are many courses that fill up and if you go there you may be out of luck getting on. Once you have a reservation then you do not have to worry about playing you have a guarantee for a start time.

Golf is a great sport because you are always trying to get better. The most important thing about playing golf is to enjoy yourself. It is easy to get down on yourself when not playing well. It is better to play under control because with golf the more upset you get the worse you will play.