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Best golf ball retriever review 2018

Best golf ball retriever

Best golf ball retriever – Golf is a relaxing game, but sometimes you are frustrated chasing a wild golf ball around the golf course. You can imagine how annoying it is when the ball is stuck in a water or trap in the bunker. It is also difficult to find golf balls in the water that make golfing become unpleasant experiences. Therefore, it takes a golf ball retriever to make your game easier

Golf ball retriever are needed in the game on the golf course, because when you use high-quality, expensive golf balls that have a monogram golf ball retriever can keep your ball from being lost because losing golf balls on the field is like throwing money away. Besides that, you generally pay for the golf course every hour which means you also waste valuable time looking for a lost golf ball.

Here are Best golf ball retriever

  • Best overall – IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever
  • Bestseller – Callaway Golf Ball Retriever
  • Best cheap – Samyo Portable Golf Ball Retriever
  • Best for water – ProActive Sports Player Golf Ball Retriever
  • Most Durable – Search and Rescue Retriever
  • Worthy competitor 1- Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever
  • Worthy Competitor 2 – DYWISHKEY Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever
  • Worthy Competitor 3 – Signstek Retractable Steel Saver Golf Ball Retriever

Best overall – IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever

Best golf ball retrievers

Are you looking the longest golf ball retriever that works well in the water and has a great quality material? The Gotcha Retriever I Golf Ball is the answer. This is the best golf ball retriever on the market, you can check the review on amazon, from hundreds buyer most of them satisfied with this product

IGOTCHA  is available in five different sizes that can be used by all golfers. The longest size can be extended to 21 feet. It has a telescoping shaft that weighs only 10 ounces and is very helpful on the golf course. This retriever has an Ultra-compact design that can collapses up to 21 inches and stores easily in your golf bag.

Bestseller – Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Best seller golf ball retriever

Callaway is a well-known brand in the golf industry because of its quality. Most professional golfers use Callaway golf balls, drivers, iron and golf bags on the tournament, as well as golf ball Retriever used by many golfers, become a best seller and most used by golfers.

The Callaway Ball Retriever is made from high quality and lightweight aluminum alloy that can be extended to 15 feet. It is very durable and is not bent when extended. The most striking difference from Callaway Ball Retriever is that it has a dual-zip head cover that looks like a golf club. The cover is made of thick and protective canvas. It has an ergonomically comfortable grip and can easily take your lost golf ball.

Best cheap – Samyo Portable Retractable Scoop Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

best cheap golf ball retriever

If you are a golfer that want to buy Golf Ball Retriever but on a tight budget, Samyo golf retriever is the best choice. It has a great and durable material and most importantly the price is under 10 bucks and perfect for beginner golfer that want to start save money on golf balls

Samyo used a Stainless steel shaft that is strong, durable and lightweight (only 7oz). The Telescopic design can reach up to 2 Meters, The scoop is equipped with automatic locking device to prevent ball dropped. This retriever will fit easily in golf bag and uses very little space in your bag.

This golf retriever is recommended for you in a tight budget and will save much money from lost golf ball.

Best for water –  ProActive Sports Player Golf Ball Retriever

Best golf ball retriever for water

The hardest thing to find golf ball is in the mud and dirty water. Even you use retriever it still hard to take that ball because the color of the scoop which is mostly black or silver makes unclear vision when searching in the mud so it is very difficult to find and take it from muddy water.

Proactive golf ball retriever is best golf ball retriever for water. it has a bright scoop color that’s perfect to take a golf ball in muddy water. This retriever created from durable fiberglass weighs only 7 ounces to take the ball from the water, bushes, rocks, mud, with less effort. This retriever will suit your golf bag pocket and can be extended to 9 feet

This golf retriever is easy to use, you can Locks and unlocks telescoping shaft with only push the button. This retriever also  will trap the ball easily with Patented design locks

Most Durable – Search and Rescue Retriever

most durable golf ball retriever

Are you looking for a most durable golf retriever that created from high quality materials?Search and Rescue Retriever might be perfect for you

Search and Rescue Retriever created from Durable stainless steel rings and lock bar to hold ball in place, Weather resistant powder coated aluminum assembly that makes this retriever, strong and durable. This retriever Fits nicely in golf bag

Worthy competitor 1-  Orlimar 15-Foot Golf Ball Retriever

best rated golf ball retriever

Orlimar 15 ‘Fluorescent Head Retriever has a strong and lightweight construction. Adjustable shaft extends up to 15 feet that can help you take your golf ball easily. The grip is comfortable but sturdy so you will have full control when reaching for the ball easily and safely trapping the ball without dropping it. This practical retriever will speed up every round of golf and is great for golfers who want to avoid unnecessary back or hand tension. This is very useful if you are dealing with white golf balls that are hard to see work very well in all types of water, rock and mud.

Worthy Competitor 3 – Signstek Retractable Steel Golf Ball Retriever

best value golf ball retriever

Signsteck Golf ball retrievers with a telescopic shaft can reach a maximum distance of 2 m (79 inches). Made from high quality stainless steel that is durable and light weight. The rubber handle has a comfortable grip and an automatic locking device so the golf ball doesn’t fall when you take it from the water. By using Signsteck you can enjoy playing and spend more time playing golf with less time taking golf balls.


There are so many golf retrievers on the market, I hope the review above will help you to choose the best golf ball retriever based on your needs. Share your experience if you have used them in the comment section.


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