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Volvik golf balls review 2018 to get more distance, control and feel

Volvik golf ball review

volvik golf balls review – If I said “volvik”, you might be thinking about colorful funky golf ball. That’s true, but there are more interesting things when we talk about Volvik.

volvik has been in the United States since 2012 having around 16 different models. Become the preferred golf ball for the World Long Drive championship – and when you play it, you understand why!

Most of golf superstars like Bubba Watson use S4 at the beginning of 2017. Craig Stadler plays Vista iV while Tim Petrovic plays S3. That’s make Volvik become the most popular golf ball beyond Titleist

The Volvik headquarters is located in Gangnam city, one of the most luxurious areas in the capital of South Korea. Volvik is legally played in tournaments and in accordance with USGA rules, all Volvik balls pass the standard test and can be used to play tournaments. Only Volvik Magma does not comply with golf ball rules and cannot be used in tournaments

Here are the best volvik golf balls review

  • Volvik vivid – Best for distance
  • Volvik s4 – Best for low handicappers
  • Volvik  s3 – Best for accuracy
  • Volvik crystall –  Best for senior golfer
  • Volvik Vibe – Best for control

Volvik vivid – Best for distance

Volvik vivid golf ball review

Vivid is the best golf ball for distance. Even if you do not have the maximum swing you will get the maximum distance using vivid

Vivid Available in 8 color option, matte blue, matte sherbet orange, Matte white, Matte yellow, Vivid green, vivid orange, vivid pink and vivid red that makes this golf ball is the most eye catching and easiest too see.

Finished matte on vivid makes it feels softer than any other golf ball. Using this golf ball will improved your Accuracy off the Tee and Enhanced Flight Optimal Spin Rates around the Green Provide ‘Stop and Spin’ Control

Vivid is a very fun golf ball to play and the perfect choice for high and mid handicap golfers that looking for distance and straighter shoot.

Volvik s4 – Best for low handicappers

volvik s4 Golf ball review

This Golf Balls are the most favorite golf ball played with professional golfers. Designed to provide optimal stability in the wind and maximum distance.

The Volvik S4 provides a low rotation from the driver to increase the distance but maximum rotation around the green to help players control their ball on scoring shots.

Double urethane cover used in S4 make this golf ball extremely soft feel when you hit it and increased your accuracy. This golf balls available in 3 colors: white, green and pink that will suit your needs

Volvik  s3 – Best for accuracy

Volvik s3 golf ball review

The Volvik S3 provides superior performance characteristics as evidenced by several professional tours such as Iron Byron and the best flight monitor data in the world that prove volvik as the best golf ball for accuracy.

Has a choice of colors, orange and white. The mixed white pearlescent blue base that is mixed makes colored balls to provide better visibility in light.

The world’s first patented dual strength core with Bismuth metal provides a larger explosion, Bismuth expands 3.5% of volume, leading to greater energy transfer.

Spin speed optimized by Urethane cover with a unique coating process for greater durability. This golf balls Provides better round control and the softest soft touch during impact. Volvik S3 Most used by low handicapper and golf superstars in tournament

Volvik crystall –  Best for senior golfer

Volvik Crystal ball review


Volvik Crystal is designed for mid to low handicap golfers with slow swing speeds that are looking for golf balls with soft feel and solid inner core to give maximum distance and control

This ball use 322-octahedron dimple to get maximum stability, the feel with a long and short landing is good and feels good landing while on the green

It has a variety of very bright and eye-catching color choices that you can choose according to your favorite colors, and you will find it easy to find wherever it lands

This ball is perfect for senior golfers that want to add more distance, full control, with eye catching design.

Volvik Vibe – Best for control

Volvik vibe golf ball review

VIBE is a low compression ball and is the main competitor of Callaway Chrome Soft and have a same performance with cheaper price.

This ball using low compression combined with high grade urethra, you will get lower spin and maximum distance and get more control in short games than most other low compression distance oriented balls.

Vibe only available in 2 colors: white and yellow that will suit your needs
This ball is the perfect choice for tour players, advanced golfers and beginners. The 336-dimple pattern ensures improved flight time and optimal greenside spin and short game controls that you want


Thats all Volvik golf balls review. choosing the right ball will improve your game and make a big difference. what volvik ball do you use? share your opinion about them at comment section


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