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Best golf sunglasses for reading greens

best golf sunglasses

Best golf sunglasses Review – there are several main accessories that will help you play golf, enjoy the game and lower your handicap. one of the main accessories is golf sunglasses.

not just any ordinary glasses that can help improve your performance, you will need a sunglasses that design for golf to easy reading greens. A best sunglasses for golf can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, as well as bunker sand and wind on the golf course.

When you are looking for the perfect glasses for golf, normal considerations such as price and style are very important, but also technical specifications, Besides price and style there are four important things before you buy the best golf glasses,

four things include: Coverage, contrast, comfort, and durability

Here are 7 of best sunglasses for golf  to help you reading green that are have a great Coverage, contrast, extremely comfortable, and strong durability. These golf glasses really can improve your game and become a golf superhero.

Here are the Best Sunglasses for golf:

  • The Best Golf Sunglasses – Oakley PRIZM Flak 2.0 XL
  • Best Cheap Golf Sunglasses: Torege TR90 Polarized Sport Glasses
  • Best Classic Style – Ray-Ban RB4255 Chromance Lens Navigator Sunglasses
  • Best golf sunglasses for women – Oakley Flak Beta
  • Best golf sunglasses with hat – NIKE Golf X2 Sunglasses
  • Most Durable Golf sunglasses – Under Armour Igniter 2.0
  • Best lightweight – O2O Polarized Sports Sunglasses
  • Best multisport Sunglasses – Duduma Polarized Sport
  • Best golf sunglasses for kids – TOREGE Tr90 Flexible Kids Sports Sunglasses

The Best Golf Sunglasses – Oakley PRIZM Flak 2.0 XL

best sunglasses for golf

There are so many choices of sunglasses out there for play a golf that will make you confuse. After ready many review we thought that PRIZM Flak 2.0 XL from Oakley is the best sunglasses for golf to improve your performance and confidence.

This sunglasses has a deeper lens gives you a broad downward view so the bottom of the frame doesn’t prevent you from focusing on the ball. Made with PRIZM Golf Lenses that has high contrast, best clarity and visibility, perfect to improve your game.

Golfers will love this sun glasses because they have a scratch-resistant lens, which can also protect 100 percent of the eyes from harmful UV. The frame also has rubber grips to stay in your head and your swing.

Using the superior frame construction makes it very sturdy and durable. This sunglasses  will fit for you even you have a big head size. Beside golf activities, this glasses also perfect for other activities such as running and bicycling.

The blend between the lens and the best frame quality makes it very comfortable and also stylist that makes Flak 2.0 XL one of the best Oakley Golf glasses to date.

Best Cheap Golf Sunglasses: Torege TR90 Polarized

best cheap golf sunglasses

Wanna buy a new sunglasses but on a tight budget? don’t worry, there are many best golf sunglasses under $50. TOREGE TR90 is the best one that you can get with affordable price under 30 bucks.

TOREGE TR90 is very cheap and versatile sunglasses that available in several combinations of colorful frames and lenses. These glasses are perfect for golf and also can be used for fishing, running, cycling, and other activities. It has a Revo Polarized lens that can protect your eyes 100 percent from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Because the price is very affordable, Torege is perfect for junior golfers. Although not expensive, TOREGE TR90 glasses has the great quality, scratch-resistant lenses and polycarbonate frames will bend without breaking and have a lifetime frame warranty. These glasses come with a variety of lens choices.


Best Classic Style – Ray-Ban RB4255 Chromance Lens Navigator Sunglasses

We all know that Ray Ban is a well-known brand for making high quality sunglasses, If you are looking for golf sunglasses style Ray-Ban RB4255 Chromance Lens will be the perfect choice for you.

This sunglasses lens is designed in Italy, made of Polarized iridium (polycarbonate) Chromance Mirror lens and frame made from best quality Plastic material that are strong and durable,

Features an innovative six-layer anti-reflection treatment that eliminates reflections and glare, while maximizing contrast to provide more vivid texture and contour that will help you see clearly on the green.

The material used by Ray Ban is Lightweight and rimless plastic frame will give you maximum comfort. You will also get the case when buying this sun glasses

Best for women – Oakley Flak Beta

best golf sunglasses for women

most women has a smaller face than man. and a bit hard to find a perfect fit for women with a small face. that’s the reason Oakley flak beta will be the best golf sun glasses  for women.

this sunglasses are designed to give you better vision while protecting your eyes from strong sunlight and unwanted debris flying around the green, preventing eye irritation and losing focus allowing you to concentrate fully on the game.

This sunglasses is very comfortable to use because it has rubber nose pieces that make you enjoy playing golf, lightweight and has a beautiful designs. the most important is the size will perfect fit for you.

Best golf sunglass with hat – Nike Golf X2

best golf sunglasses for hat

Sunglasses and hats are the best combination to help protect your head from the sun and make clear shots during your game. However, not all golf glasses will fit when combined with your best golf hats. Some golf glasses are not suitable when combined with a hat, which can cause interference throughout the day.

The perfect Golf glasses that are suitable when combined with a hat are Nike Golf x2 Pro. Nike Golf X2 special glasses from Nike for golfer that have a beautiful and simple design are designed to fit comfortably and be combined with a hat and help you improve your game on the golf course

Golfers will love the wide pro-cut lenses that Nike Golf Pro X2 glasses have, giving them the whole fairway picture before shooting. In addition, these sunglasses use the Max Optics lens for clarity and nylon frames that are better for lighter shades.

There are 5 choices of colors, red, yellow, gray, lime and blue that perfect when combined with your golf hat.

Most Durable Golf sunglasses – Under Armour Igniter 2.0

most durable golf sunglasses

Almost every glasses brand claims to provide glasses that are scratch-resistant and “unbreakable”, so it’s difficult to tell which ones are really durable.

Through a number of customer reviews that have been using it for a long time, Under Armor Igniter Sunglasses proved to be the most durable glasses, with a really strong frame and a tough lens.

Under Armor Igniter 2.0 Has a multi functional lens coating that makes the igniter lens very strong that resistant from scratches, dust, stains and give you an unobstructed view throughout your game.

you will also love how tough AmourFushion titanium and grilamid frames, resistant to twisting and damage. Apart from their toughness, these sunglasses also protect against UVA, UVB and UVC rays, and provide a clear view and high contrast for golfers.

Best multisport Sunglasses- Duduma Polarized Sport

best polarized golf sunglasses

If you are a beginner golfer and often do other sports activities such as tennis, bicycles and fishing, maybe you should consider buying glasses that can be suitable in all kinds of activities.

Duduma Polarized Sports Glasses is the perfect option that you can use in a variety of sports activities with affordable prices. Duduma has a very simple design with great quality.

Made with a UV400 TAC polarized lens for 100 percent UV protection. Have a strong polycarbonate frame and lifetime warranty for frame. In addition, there are various choices of color combinations that fit your style

Duduma Polarized Sport is the best sunglasses for golf that you can use for other sports activities


What is the best color sunglasses for golf?

Brown: Contrast colors such as Brown and amber are the best color choice for lenses because they can enhance contrast. This lenses color are very effective when you are on fairways and reading green. The color is also good for long-distance vision and tracking ball in the air. In addition, wearing amber and brown lenses is very comfortable because you will see almost the same as the actual color.

Rose Copper: This lens color is very good when you use the putting green, because it allows you to see the contours of the course and better read the breaks and grains on the green. Remember when you wear this lens, you will see things around you with a reddish hue.

Green and Gray: This lens color is usually not ideal for golfers. However, if your eyes are very light-sensitive or you are in very bright conditions, this lens is great for protection from the brightness.

Are Polarized lenses good for golf?

Polarized lenses can be the right choice for golf because they can cut the glare completely when sunlight is reflected.

Using polarized lens Increases visual comfort. Because it can protect you from glare, make you easier to see objects in bright conditions. Increases clarity of vision and contrast for objects on the ground and to look into the water to find your golf ball

However, there are many golfers who argue that polarized lenses can create problems reading green on the golf course


That’s all the review Best golf sunglasses for reading green that you can get with cheap price. Which one will you choose? And put your though on the comment section..



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