Hi, I’m John. This website was created during the COVID-19 stay at home lockdown in 2020. This site was created at a time when outside activities were strongly discouraged by many governments around the globe.

Derek Duncan from golfdigest.com, who granted me permission to use their golf courses data (e.g. New York). The remaining golf courses, golf clubs, and recreation area data on this site is courtesy of the public parks.ny.gov dataset (https://parks.ny.gov/golf/). This site cuts, dices and aggregates data to help you find your next outdoor adventure.

Many of the amazing images on the site are available in the public data base. Here are some of my favourites (click an image to see a slideshow)

Not all golf courses are included in the parks.ny.gov dataset. The majority of featured images for fields are taken from the area where the is located. Some images are used multiple times.

Pages in the Videos section not only use the Youtube share/embed function, but also include a link back each video to Youtube, so that visitors can subscribe to the videographer’s Youtube channel if they wish.

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