TaylorMade M4 Driver review – Most forgiving driver 2018

TaylorMade M4 driver review

If you are Taylormade fans and wanna looking for best forgiving driver this year? The new Taylormade M4 driver would be perfect for you

The M4 is the “update” from its predecessor M2 driver that is the best and most forgiving driver. But now taylormade launch new M4 driver which is more forgiving without moveable weight system like M3.

In M4 driver, Taylormade use breakthrough innovation called Twist Face & Hammerhead slot, it also incorporates Geocoustic technology to create a better sound and unlock more forgiveness

With a lighter and thinner composite crown M4 driver become much more aeordynamic and boasts the thinnest, strongest and lightest composite panels in the industry that TaylorMade have ever created.

TaylorMade M4 Driver review


  • Perfect feel and sound
  • Simple loft shaft adjustability same like M2
  • Exceptional design, streamlined look at address.
  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Available in D-Type version.


  • Minimal Performance improvements over M2 2017.
  • Not adjustable like M3 driver

TaylorMade M4 Driver Features:

Twist Face Technology

TaylorMade M4 Driver uses new innovative face design technology called ‘Twist Face’. The interisting fact is, Twist face technology is used not only by M4 but also M3 to achieve longer, straighter shots for the golfer

Twist Face technology came about after TaylorMade studied over half a million shots , By looking at data and analysing what the golfer does , TaylorMade found the most-common miss-hits were low-heel or high-toe shots, but that the bulge-and-roll concept used in previous drivers wasn’t rectifying this in the proper way. As a result, Twist-Face was born to correct the ball-flight on those miss-hits, allowing for straighter, and therefore longer, shots.

The Twist Face is designed to help when you miss the sweet spot with a relatively squared face.  For amateur golfers, the Twist Face will not be a life saver but will a great aid off the tee.

Hammerhead Slot

if you are a fans of taylormade you should be familiar with term “Speed pocket technology” The Hammerhead technology on the sole of the Taylor Made M4 driver is a next-generation of ‘Speed Pocket’.

Hammerhead is designed to deliver maximum ballspeed across a larger area by creating a larger sweet spot. The hammerhead slot allowed engineers to decrease the thickness and weight of the face making it more flexible and thus generating greater ball speeds that result more distance

Significant weight savings have been made from the crown, face and sole to allow a 41g discretionary weight to be placed low and back to increase forgiveness.


Same with previous M2 model, new M4 driver also use Geocoustic Technology, which features geometry and accoustic for better sound and feel. Driver heads with low/back centre of gravity locations typically have low frequencies because they tend to have fairly flat soles.

The new TaylorMade M4 driver’s Geocoustic sole shape allows for a low CG and larger head size, but with a more curved sole which has inherently higher frequencies, leading to better sound and feel.

Composite Crown 

The thin, light, strong five-layer composite crown is both aerodynamic and lowers the club’s center of gravity.

The new M4 driver use aerodynamic five-layer carbon composite crown material (same like M3). This is the breakthrough from taylormade that make the layer become thinnest, strongest and lightest composite panels in the industry that TaylorMade have ever created.

The top crown is where the aerodynamics plays the biggest role, and is aimed to help you as you come through your downswing as that’s where you’re picking up speed.


TaylorMade M4 driver shape is almost same with M2 2017.  The most notable changes are in the color schemes.

The new M4 still use the black carbon crown. Taylormade remove the neon colors and the white topline change with red, white, and blue paint scheme and remove all white accenting become silver. For me the color combination is perfect.

Sound & Feel

There are two factors that really impact the sound and feel of the TaylorMade M4 driver – the Hammerhead and the Geocoustic sole.

If the Geocoustic sole sounds familiar, it’s because TaylorMade has used it previously in M2 and sucess.  The idea is that the sole is shaped in such a way to give an ideal sound and feel to the player.  As a result, the M4 driver feels extremely solid and powerful with a sound to match.

The Hammerhead is designed for giving maximum performance by increasing the size of the sweet spot.  The result is a powerful feel across more of the face and an explosive sound maintained away from the center.


Like his sister M2, the TaylorMade M4 is so simpe driver with minimum adjustments. You can still make some loft and lie adjustments via the shaft adapter, but there aren’t a bunch of weights to dial in the CG of the club.  Fortunately, without weight adjustment setting like M3, the M4 is still exteremly forgiving driver

As mentioned earlier, the Hammerhead slot is designed to increase the size of the sweet spot.I don’t have loads of scientific data to support the Hammerhead design, but I do believe it helps.

The M4 bailed me out of that low-face shot more than once and had good ball speed.


Twist Face technology in M4 is very useful for amateurs golfer.  With simple and less adjustment, M4 has a hot face and good feel.

The M4 is very solid and has a lot of power and can give you much more confident on the tee.  M4 is right for you if you are looking for forgiving driver