TaylorMade M1 Driver 2017 Review – Best adjustable golf club

Taylormade M1 driver review

Are you looking the driver with the best adjustable setting? One driver that can fulfil all your needs? TaylorMade M1 driver 2017 could be perfect for you

Original M1 first release in January 2016, and a new version come in 2017. With as a slogan “Same Letter, Better Everything”. TaylorMade make a new M1 driver become lighter and more adjustable.

But skeptical golfer might ask, is it really better?  Well TaylorMade’s claim of “Better Everything” for the 2017 M1 is true.

The new M1 is that it looks almost the same as the previous M1.  The big changes are 43% more carbon fiber in the head for better weight manipulation and an expanded weight track system.

Basically it is more adjustable, more forgiving, better launching, better feel and sound.  A star player like Sergio Garcia, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy was using this club

With the M1 in your hands you may not hit the ball like Dustin Johnson, but you will be able to maximize your potential with this new and improved M1 to win the game.

TaylorMade M1 Driver 2017 features:

  • Maximum distance and forgiveness through multi-material construction
  • Carbon Composite Two Tone Crown with 43% more carbon than 2016’s model to enable lower CG for better launch
  • Redesigned T-Track for improved adjustability
  • 4″ aluminum Loft Sleeve features 12 adjustable settings
  • 64% more front-to-back CG adjustability
  • Three stock shaft choices: Fujikura Pro XLR8 56, Project X HZRDUS Yellow 65, Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver Dual-Core TiNi 60,


  • Very forgiving driver with low spin rates
  • Extremely Adjustable
  • feels great at impact – Superb smash factor
  • Great design with the characteristic white titanium leading edge


  • Top end of the price range

TaylorMade M1 Driver 2017 Review

Build Quality

M stands for Multi-Material and TaylorMade claims this is the key to their drivers’ performance. M1 2017 driver using an advance multi-material construction to deliver better customization, forgiveness and distance.

New M1 using 6-layer carbon crown which has 43% more carbon than last year model. The multi-material construction saves weight and The big advantage of this lighter carbon is saves 11 g of weight, it help reducing spin at launch and gain more ball speed

New for the M1 is the T-Track system that consists of both a front and back track with 27 grams of adjustable weight giving golfer more adjustability and more ball control

Longer back track with more moveable weight it allows for 64% more front-to-back CG movement than the original M1 and more aerodynamic track for improved club head speed

Control & Performance

TaylorMade was one the earliest adopters and success to make an adjustable drivers. Same with previous M1 model, T-Track adjustments truly make a difference in manipulating your ball flight.

New M1 has 64% more front-to-back CG movement, this gives you the ability to more precisely dial in your ball’s launch trajectory.

Adjusting the front track will help you dial in the shape of your ball flight left-to-right.  Whether you’re looking for some assistance in controlling a swing flaw or help adding a little draw or fade. The T-Track really works.

Custom ability make the new M1 more forgiving than the previous model, with The M1 driver you will be easy to tee up and hit well consistently.

Design & Appearance

2017’s version of TaylorMade‘s M1 driver should look familiar.  From address, the only difference is that the white portion of the crown has a little bit of curve to it.

M1 still has white/black 6 layer carbon fiber crown that pleasing on the eye. They’re pretty much identical between the new and previous model

At 460cc, the M1 doesn’t look all that large and has a rounded pear shape to it.  If you flip the club over, the sole looks more streamlined.

The new T-Track system has a different look, old M1 dominating with black, white and red but now the new color scheme is black and white with just the right touch of neon yellow.

M1 is stylish, aerodynamic club, and with the mechanism of the tracks now looking even smoother, this driver really is a glorious sight for sore eyes.

Sound and Feel

It had a powerful sound with so much life to the face at impact.  It seemed perfect.

The face doesn’t feel springy, but it’s full of life.  A well struck shot feels like the ball is being shot off of the face with a purpose.

The carbon fiber and titanium-based head gives off a solid crack when you strike a drive pure



M1 2017 provides good forgiveness, tons of distance and much-improved feel. With its precise adjustability, the M1 driver will be a top performer in a competitive driver class this season.

if you trying to find adjustable golf driver that provides great performance and distance. The new TaylorMade M1 Driver is a great choice. This driver should be in your bag!!