Richest Golfer all of the time that will inspire you to improve your game


You might be thinking that will be great if we make money with our passion. These professional golfers make their dream comes true.

most of the rischest golfer gain the money from winning the tournament and also endorsment that makes them a fuckin rich

Here are the complete list of 20 richest golfer all of the time that might inspire you to become like them and imrove your game. check this out:

  1. Tiger Woods. Net worth: $740 Million.
  2. Arnold Palmer. Net worth: $700 Million
  3. Phil Mickelson. Net worth: $400 Million.
  4. Jack Nicklaus. Net worth: $320 Million.
  5. Greg Norman. Net worth: $300 Million.
  6. Gary Player. Net worth: $250 Million.
  7. Fred Couples. Net worth: $250 Million.
  8. Rory Mcllroy. Net worth: $110 Million.
  9. Ernie Els. Net worth: $85 Million
  10. Vijay Singh. Net worth: $75 Million
  11. Sergio Garcia. Net worth: $70 Million
  12.  Jim Furyk. Net worth: $60 Million
  13. Jordan Spieth. Net worth: $60 Million
  14. Nick Faldo. Net worth: $60 Million
  15. Davis Love. Net worth: $50 Million
  16. Pete Dye. Net worth: $50 Million
  17. Adam Scott. Net worth: $40 Million
  18. Annika Sorenstam Net worth: $40 Million
  19. Graeme McDowell Net worth: $40 Million

ok lets jump to our first list

Tiger woods – The richest golfer ever – $740 Million

Tiger wood is a living legend of professional golfer, he is the richest golfer all the time. According to Forbes he is not only richest athlete but also as a celebrity in America with position no 7 in 2017 with total assets $740 milion

You might be wondering How much does Tiger Woods make in a year?

In 2016 he made 45.3 million with money prize and endorsement. Until today Woods has earned $1.4 billion from prize money, endorsements and fees from appearances and golf course designs since turning pro in 1996

what makes him so fuckin rich? the answer is simple, he the best..

he is a unbeatable that consistent to be a winner, that won 14 major game. and he inspire more than 10 milion people to play golf after watching his game and none can do that except tiger woods.

Arnold Palmer – Most charismatic golfers – $700 Million

Fans call him Arnie, he is not only remember as a charismatic golfer all the time, but his name also well known as name of a drink.

Having 700 million makes Arnold palmer become number two of richest golfer of all time.Forbes reported in 2015 that Arnold Palmer was No. 3 list of the highest-paid retired athletes.

He is a charismatic golfer that makes golf more popular. He knowns as a King because his influence golf to every one during the beginnings of golf on television

He died on September 25 2016 because of ‎Heart Problems. Arnold Palmer is the golf legend and also acknowledge as The Most charismatic player in history.

His legacy will be one of kindness and love of the game and love of his fans. And none that come close to him. one of famous quote from Arnold palmeer “The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done”.

Phil Mickelson – Lefty – $400 Million

Phil is well known as a lefty for his left handed swing that made a record as a first american golfer that win amateur title.

Phil has won 42 events on the PGA Tour, including five major championships: three Masters Titles, a PGA Championship, and an Open Championship. he has spent  more than 700 weeks becoming top 10 official world golf and inducted at tho golf wall of fame at 2012

Phil previously sponsored by Titleist, Ford and,Bearing Point and currently sponsored by Callaway Golf, KPMG, Rolex,ExxonMobi, and also Barclays.

More win more money, that’s the reality in golf industry. Phil is the third Richest golfer all of the time with total money $400 Million. He has earned $665 million from prize money, endorsements and fees from appearances and golf course designs since turning pro in 1996.

Jack Nicklaus –  Best golfer ever – $320 Million

Jack William Nicklaus Well known as a golden bear he is a retired professional golfer, he called golden bear because it is the mascot when he was high school.

its not easy for nick become a legend, at first time of his career, Nick sold insurance. but with his hard work and passion in golf he became the 4th richest golfer all of the time with total net worth 320 Milion.

Jack Nicklaus has a largest golf course designer companies and his golf tutorial videos, which have sold more copies than any other in the world, has earned him a net worth of $280 Million over the course of his life.

Greg Norman – The Shark – $300 Million

Greg Norman with nickname The Great White Shark or sometimes simply people call him  The Shark, he is an an Australian professional golfer and entrepreneur who spent 331 weeks as the world’s Number 1 Official World Golf Rankings ranked golfer in the 1980s and 1990s

the interesting fact about his that he is the first person in Tour history to surpass $10 million in career earnings. he is also not only a good golfer but also a great businessman, now he manage Great White Shark Enterprises that has multiple product such as apparel, wine, golf course design, and asset-based debt lending

Gary Player – black Knight – $250 Million

Gary Player, most people call him as Black Knight, Mr.Fitness and The international ambasador of golf. He won nine Major championships on the PGA Tour and nine Major championships on the Senior Tour, and is the only player in history to complete the career Grand Slam on both Tours.

He is not a just a golfer, he help other golfer to improve the game with sharing the game of golf by authored or co-written 36 golf books. he also renowned golf course architect with more than 325 design projects around the world

with $250 Million net worth he became 5th richest golfer all the time. he also have a foundation that provide quality education for underprivileged children that called gary foundation

one of great advice from Gary Player that make him become sucessfull is “To succeed in life one must have determination and must be prepared to suffer during the process. If one isn’t prepared to suffer during adversities, I don’t really see how he can be successful.

Fred Couples – Boom-boom” – $250 Million

Fred well known as a “boom boom” because his long drivers. he is one of few professional golfers that never use the gloves

he won one major championship and he is inducted into world golf of fame on 2013.

he also designs golf courses, and has a firm called Couple Bates Gold Design.he wrote the book  Total Shotmaking:The Golfer’s Guide to Low Scoring

one of quotes from fred”Golf is supposed to be fun, but I don’t think anything is fun if you’re not doing it reasonably well”

Rory Mcllroy – $110 Million

Rory Mcllroy a profesional 28 years age golfer that had made a big achievement in golf game.he has become a star since turning pro in 2007, he won three time major champions.Rory also is 1st irishman to be ranked number 1 in the profesional golf.

He has the U.S. Open’s best score ever, won the US Open by eight strokes with shot 16-under par.

Golf Club Management magazine ranked him as the second most powerful person in British golf. He has been cited as the most exciting young prospect in golf and as having the potential to become one of the highest earners in sports in terms of endorsements. SportsPro has McIlroy rated as the second most marketable athlete in the world.

with all that achievement he now he have $110 Million and made him become number eight richest golfer all the time. its really possible in a near future he will beat Tiger woods in terms of money.

Rory also a big fans of Manchester United. beside golf he also loves Ulster Rugby Team.and He’s an ambassador for Ireland in 2012 for charitable work.

woow..nice job Rory. you are really inspiring

Ernie Els – The big easy – $85 Million

Ernie Els the south african profesional golfer known his pure, easy swing and an easygoing personality, people call him as “the big easy” for the smooth, seemingly effortless way he swings the club.

one of book that writen by arnie is the complete short game that reveals his secrets for sucessful clipping, chipping, pitching, putting and playing out of sand

he have $85 Million assets that gained from winning 71 victories are four major championships, he also earn the money by creating golf course designs, and wines.

He was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2010. he also active in his foundation lsforautism and Ernie Els and Fancourt foundation.

Vijay Singh- The Big Fijian- $75 Million

Vijay Singh known as “The Big Fijian” because he came from fiji island.The name Vijay came from india language that means “victory”

The big fijian start pro career at 1982, he was Number 1 in the Official World Golf Ranking for 32 weeks in 2004 and 2005.Vijay has won three major championships and the leading PGA Tour money winner in 2003, 2004 and 2008

having $75 Million assets makes him became top 10 richest golfer all the time

Sergio Garcia – El nino – $70 Million

Sergio García Fernández also know as Elnino, the spanish golfer that has won one major championship and 31 international tournament as a pro and he has been more than 400 weeks become the top 10 official golf ranking

Elnino learn golf start from 3 years old taughted by his father. and he was won club championship at 12 age. in 1995 he was the first became the youngest player to win the European Amateur and start his pro career in 1999

he has achieve more than US$43 million as a player. now he has $70 Million net worth. beside golf he also love football, he known as a chairman of spanish football team buriol.

Jim Furyk – $60 Million

He won one major championship, the U.S. Open in 2003, he holds the record for the lowest score in PGA Tour history with a 58, he shot during the final round of the 2016 Travelers Championship. there have been around 613,000 in PGA history and he is the lowest ever

Furyk turned pro in 1992. his best career is in 2016 while he become 2nd position of official world glf ranking.he become top 10 ranking for more than 430 weeks between 1999 to 2015.

furyk also active in charity. he and his wife created Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation that helping family to fullfil their basic needs at north florida.

Jordan Spieth – $60 Million

Spieth has a meaning  “successful” or “speedy” in ancient form of the German language. he has prove it that he will became a successful golfer. he already won 3 major championship,

he has unique swing techinuque with unconventional variation of overlapping grip, and the position of his left arm through impact. the swing is not text book but it works for him

he was the top earner in 2015, that time he won two major wins and the FedEx Cup and earned $50 million income that year. his Under Armour Contract Runs Through 2025, He also endorsed by Coca-Cola

in April 2016 he is named by Time magazine became 100 most influential people.

Nick Faldo – $60 Million

Sir Nicholas Alexander Faldo is an English Profesional golfer from UK, now he is popular as an on-air golf analyst.

he is one of the top golfer on his era. Sir Nick is ranking number 1 for 97 weeks. in his career. he already won 6 major championship.

beside bceame golf analyst he active creating golf course design.He write a book Swing for Life in 1995 and other 9 books that covers about golf

Davis Love – $50 Million

Davis Love, American Professional golfer that turned profesional in1985. he has won 21 PGA event and one major championship. he was top 10 player for more than 450 weeks

He published the book Every Shot I Take, the book created to honors his father’s lessons on life and golf. his book received an award in the 1997 by United States Golf Association’s.

he has $50 Million networth that makes him as rank #15 as richest golfer

Pete Dye – Golf Course Designer – $50 Million

Pete is not a profesional golfer, but he is profesional golf course designer. Pete Dye has design more than 100 golf course since 1962.

one of his best golf course design was Harbour Town Golf Links at Sea Pines Resort, Pete build that course with his wife Alice Dye and also Jack Nicklaus, built in 1969 that course is one of the most favorite golf course.

with his passion and hard work in designing golf course, he got an PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award and Old Tom Morris Award.

Adam Scott – $50 Million

Adam Scott is Australian profesional golfer that won 1 major champion and 29 profesional tournament around the world. he was no.1 golfer from May to August 2014. he makes a record become the first Australian golfer that won Master tournament in 2013.

in 2005 he created Adam Scott foundation in Australia that provides life opportunities for Australian children and youth.

Annika Sorenstam – Best female golfers – $40 Million

Annika is retired Swedish professional golfer, She is the best female golfer in history. she had won 90 international tournament, make her become the most win female golfer.

Since started his pro in 1994, she has won $22,081,561, the most by any female professional. and In 2003, she was inducted into World Golf Tour Halls of Fame

Annika is not only a legend in golf, she also a Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and mother.she inspire more women to play golf.

Graeme McDowell –

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