Ping G400/LST/SFT/MAX Driver review

Ping g400 driver review

Ping is one of industry leader that created high quality driver. Success with G models, ping makes a breakthrough innovation with new G400 driver.

G400 focused on improving everything from aerodynamics to forgiveness, ball speed and  performance.

Ping G400 drivers measure only 445 cubic centimeters — 15 cc smaller than the standard 460cc driver. Using high-density tungsten back weight and Dragonfly Technology making it become extremely forgiving.

So rather than having a driver with adjustable weights, Ping have three drivers with a weight positioned in different places.

The weight is as far back as possible in the regular G400, a bit nearer the face in the LST and towards the heel in the SFT. And the new model G400 max which has bigger size that is 460 cc make it become most forgiving that all G400 models

Ping say that once you have been fitted into a driver you shouldn’t play around with the weights so this way of doing it removes the temptation to tweak it yourself.

Pros and Cons


  • Incredibly forgiving driver
  • Great design with an aerodynamic and compact look


  • Quite expensive but still cheaper than competitor price


Tungsten Back weight with 7g weight right on the perimeter of the G’s head creates extreme MOI to maximizes forgiveness and accuracy while allowing you to customize your swing weight

G400 also use Dragonfly technology to reduce weight on the crown and lowers the overall CG make it become more forgiving and accurate driver.

clubface of G400 using titanium (T9S+) lightest-ever crown, while a new forged face is also thinner and lighter which frees up more weight to locate to improve forgiveness, it’s also 20% more flexible than the previous Ping G driver.

Control & Performance

G400 series is most forgiving driver that ever made by Ping. It isn’t necessarily the lowest-spinning driver in the world, but the sweetspot is tremendous, and little seems to go wrong with mishits or miscues

In terms of results, we’d say an extra 10 yards is the very least you can expect when compared with the G30 and others.

The natural trajectory we got was relatively high, although this can be tweaked with the loft adjustability anyway. With G400 you will be able to shoot consistently and more confidence.

Design & Appearance

When you read that the size of the head is 445cc, you may be inclined to expect a cumbersome look. Not a bit of it though – instead, it is compact and streamlined. The most striking feature is the Turbulators near the front of the crown, which are appreciably bigger than those on the G.

Also on the crown are the ribs of the so-called Dragonfly technology, which serves the purpose of thinning out the crown itself. So thin, in fact, that it measures just 0.43mm in some places! A lot going on, you might think. But the black matte finish disguises it all, and makes for a pleasing view at address.

Ping have also changed the color of the stock Alta shaft from blue to the new gold/copper finish. The two-tone nature of the shaft means at actually looks black when you hold the club at address which is very cool.


Ping G400 driver sound and feel

Ping’s engineers reckon a bad-sounding driver shares some similar sound frequencies with a crying baby. They’ve specifically tuned the Ping G400 to generate some of the same sound frequencies as a luxury car door closing. One of their tour players said it even sounds a bit like a persimmon driver.

The other point to mention is the sound and feel. The noise it makes at impact isn’t ostentatious or anything. But it feels magnificently solid when you make good contact, with the sort of feedback that just makes you want to tee the ball up and do it all over again. This club really will make driving the ball a pleasure.

The four Ping G400 driver options

  • SF Tec (10, 12 degrees): Tungsten is placed in the heel for 10-12 yards of draw bias, according to Ping.
  • Standard G400 (9 and 10.5 degrees): Tungsten is placed at the extreme rearward of the sole for maximum forgiveness and wide-spread appeal.
  • G400 Max (9 and 10.5 degrees):  the 460cc head featuring Dragonfly Technology to thin the crown and position the CG low for maximizing MOI
  • LS Tec (8.5 and 10 degrees): Tungtsen is placed more forward than the standard model, shifting center of gravity (CG) toward the face. This reduces spin, and encourages a penetrating flight. It also adds about 3 yards of fade bias. Ping says the G400 LS Tec is about 300 rpm lower spinning than the G LS Tec with the stock Alta CB shaft, and up to 500 rpm less spin with the Tour shaft, which 0.5 inches shorter.


The Ping G400 driver combines forgiveness and distance with a new look and better acoustics. This driver offers the complete performance, looks, sound and feel are fantastic.

The G400 driver might not have any sliding weight or carbon-fibre tech, but because there are three different models you can be fitted just as well into a new G400 as any other driver on the market.

Ping G400 Driver is one of the  Best Golf Driver on the market and undoubtedly better than previous G models. It comes in cheaper than some competitors and subsequently provides ample value for money!