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this is going to be valuable every type of golfer if you are brand new to the game perfect because it’s going to take you step by step in bite-sized chunks to get you to learn how to swing the golf club

if you’re an established player already even better still because some of these elements in this series of videos is going to highlight some of your faults and show you how to fix it in detail

this complete guide is talk about the golf swing in general the actual action of the golf swing because still even established golfers get confused about this element if you new to golf I see a lot of different styles when you’re new to golf and for me it’s always good to start out what the actual movement involves

the golf swing wants to create power,accuracy and consistency they’re the three elements that we need in a golf swing that’s what’s going to help us hit this golf ball with a consistent action that’s going to create enough power to get the ball going forward and far and then we want it to be as consistent as possible

golf swing is a rotational action of the golf club that moves around the body in a circle like mulling so it go it moves around the body in a circle like manner mainly powered from your body but obviously the arms and the way we hold the golf clubs have an influence but mainly worked around the rotational elements as your shoulders and your hips and if we can get those movements working together and we focus on that that the swing is more rounded straightaway for a lot of golfers that’s going to make a big difference certainly if you are brand-new to the game see a lot of golfers and brand-new up-and-down action using the arms only well if we’re looking for power we’re not going to get up just from the arms only we need to use the body more



the hold of the golf club has an enormous influence on where this clubface points, enormous the biggest influence and when that golf club isn’t pointing where we want it to point, we have to start making compensations in our golf swing to make the ball travel straight and this is where a lot of players start to get stuck to the hold is unbelievably important it is the steering wheel of your golf shot 100% the steering wheel

now what I want to show you is how we’re going to hold the golf club and also explain some of the reasons why it can often feel quite funny quite weird let’s have a look at the deep that the grip a little bit more detailed so when we looking at the golf club and this Golf Club is very simple to line up because the grip of this Golf Club has got a logo here the logo of the manufacturer in line now some grips are more blank completely blanked out and what you’ve got to do when it’s blanked out is work more of where the clubface is and we want this leading edge of the club face as straight as possible as straight as possible if it’s twisted in fact to the left on pointing down as you can see here we’re gonna again make compensations in the swing to make the ball go straighter hard you’re making it slightly harder if the face is more to the right again that’s going to make compensations in the swing to make the ball go straighter

so when we start here with the club face either use the logo on the grip or leave have that leading edge super super straight once that’s been established and you can place the club back on the floor and everything’s nice and straight and this is instruction for right-handed golfers but left-handed just switch the hand positions accordingly when I place the club on that place the hand on the golf club now I want this hand to go on in the most neutral manner as possible and you can see here just as I bring my hand to that golf club my palm is slightly faced inwards just slightly so we want to try and replicate that as we actually take hold of the golf club we wouldn’t want to go this way too much because that’s unnatural position and we want to go this way too much because again that is more of an unnatural position so as the hand approaches the side of the grip I want you to look at focusing on holding the golf club in the fingers give yourself enough room at the top but hold a hold a golf club or from the middle of the index finger to the edge of your little finger once you’ve got the fingers on you can place the hand more on top so that we get that palm of the hand facing inwards again like it would do if I was just to bring that hand to the golf club when I look at this hand position now and a couple of good checkpoints here we want to be able to see the two knuckles on the hand the left hands when I’m looking down here can see knuckle number one a knuckle number two and this angle you create here between the thumb and the index finger that wants to run up towards my right shoulder as I look at this that’s running up towards the right shoulder if you find that you see too much knuckle or my third knuckle you’ll find that V ends up running outside of the shoulder line so we want that to run on the shoulder line now to warn you the hold of the golf club is unlike any else anything else we hold in the world and it does feel bizarre it feels weird it feels different certainly if you’re used to holding it in a different way it’s going to feel very very different very different now if you’re an established golfer and you’re looking at this video about changing your grip you’ve got to determine which one which your grip is currently are you too twisted where you can see too much knuckles or is your hand too far under if your hand is too far over you’ll generally hit the ball further left because the handle want to twist this way in the head club head will be more closed to be more pointing toward the left if I go under more that clubface will end up point right too much so there’s an established golfer you’ve got to figure out what the way you hold the golf club first and how then that will relate back to changing the grip so let companies on top hand is on so let me come with the right hand now we’re gonna do something similar when I rest the right hand or forget the side of the grip my palm is slightly faced inwards again we want to replicate that we don’t want to go too far under and we don’t to go too far over because that’s going to have an influence again on the clubface direction we want to go on almost side woods I recommend the middle of the hand here the right palm the middle of the hand almost wants to sit on the side of your thumb then the fingers wrap around and then the hand goes on top and you can see that the palm of the hand is still in that slightly forward position so the middle section of the right hand the top hand sits on the side of the thumb and then the thing is wrapped around the last point in this is what you do at the back and this gets overly complex for a lot of players either go ten fingers where we can see all ten fingers there you can interlock you can overlap I have absolutely no care whatever you do of those three I do not mind whatever feels more comfortable as long as the hands aren’t moving you can interlock overlap or ten finger I can really interlock but I know for a lot of players that feels weird but for me overlapping feels weird and again it goes back to how weird the grip feeling is the hold of the golf club is honestly the weirdest thing that you will ever do when you hold it when you’re playing golf because it’s so so sensitive and this way a lot of players get mixed mixed lead from when they first start they hold the golf club incorrectly they will make adaption stir swing to help hit it straight and that’s harder it’s much much harder a little put one little disclaimer on this one disclaimer if I would only ever change the grip if direction default to remind I’d only ever change the grip of a player if Direction is a fault if the grip if the grip is causing the directional fault then I would change the hold it’s so key so so key if the grip is something that you have been struggling with for a while go for more tuition coaching with a golf professional to help you do this and that my biggest disclaimer on this that’s the bones of the grip and the things that are really important with it but you can if the grip is influencing your shot shape go and see professional help first and the hit shot with that grip so hand goes on as natural as possible fingers around to knuckles and the v’s up the right shoulder right hand goes on position that’s more natural as possible with the way that I move my hand to the club down the side of the thumb with the palm fingers around and I just interlock I just interlocked and then we are on for a good one that clubface can stay nice and straight and I can get up ball traveling straight without needing to influence anything guys thanks for watching if you enjoyed the video let me know in the comments below subscribe to my channel by clicking the big button here like the video and we’ll move on for next and we’re gonna go set up how we stand for the golf ball this is the complete golf guide and you can take in and out of this as much as you want it’s just a guide thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you soon

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