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I’m going to show you three of the best putting drills ever made so that you can start syncing short putts consistently automatically and effortlessly and also so that you can have twice the enjoyment on the golf course and the putting green as well as winning the respect and admiration of your golfing

if you use and implement these drills that I’m going to show you you will probably send twice as many putts under 8 feet if you’re much more confident and way more relaxed on the golf course and your golf buddies are probably going to like you better too but if you don’t use and implement these drills then you’re missing out on some highly effective training that could really take your golf and your putting to the next level without much effort

a lot of golfers think that practice will make their game perfect well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s not quite true have you ever known someone who practices a lot but still somewhat incompetent yeah absolutely I’m sure you’ve seen them and I’ve seen a ton of them too and if you’re like me you probably don’t want to be in their shoes now I’m not saying that practicing putting is wrong what I’m saying is that you need a lot more than just practice to improve your putting

what you really need is practice and the right strategies the right methods the right cutting drills so you need to know what to do instead of just doing a bunch of random stuff and hoping to improve so this is really why I made this video to share some of these strategies in the form of putting drills so that you don’t have to spend hours practicing with no improvement these three drills that I’m going to show you a with the best putting rules you’ll ever see it’s because they together incorporate every single part of padding you need to focus on they’re like pieces of the puzzle that fit together and I do also suggest that you perform these drills in the order that I give you the reason is simple you want to amp up the intensity gradually animated this way for a reason to maximize results for you and by the way the three drills in the video are also summarized in the PDF document below so that you can download that and it’s more or less a cheat sheet for you to have when you’re on the golf course

1.The Coin Drill

okay so let’s get to the first padding drill okay the first drill I have for you today is the coin drill now this is a very simple drill very easy to perform and highly effective and it’s also very versatile this is a drill that you can perform at the start of your practice session your warmup session of course both are different and also this is very very good at detecting faults and troubleshooting you’re putting game so if you ever find yourself not putting as well as you would like to do this drill a few times to help yourself get back on track this is also a no pressure drill and what that means for you is that you’re meant to perform this drill without having any pressure on you so don’t put any pressure on yourself to perform and you want to stay relaxed here is the reason why when you feel pressured whether that’s external or internal your body tightens up and it’s difficult for you to be creative and receive feedback from what you’re doing and the whole aim of this drill is to provide feedback for yourself as of how the golf ball comes off the putter face and the other great benefit of this padding rule is that it trains your body and your mind to focus on a target when you’re putting and this is such a crucial element of putting that most people just simply overlooked

so here is what I want you to do find a flat part of the grain put a golf ball down and also put a coin down foot away from the ball now the reason is that it is much easier to line up to a shorter putt than a longer one and al hole aim with this drill is to provide feedback to ourselves and our job is not to make this drill difficult remember it’s a no pressure drill your aim is simply to putt the ball over that small coin from one foot away focusing only on the target which is the coin now repeat this 20 times seems to be a good dosage for most people and what you’ll find is that you’ll become so much more confident in your putting afterwards it’s almost like a magical spell that pushes the increased confidence button in your mind it’s bizarre but it works remember this is designed to be a short putt so don’t be tempted to make this putt longer than 1 foot or else you risk losing the point of the whole drill which is so that you can become more aware of your target line and how the golf ball comes off your putter face so that’s the coin drill it’s awesome and it’s definitely something that you want to incorporate into your own practice sessions and warm-up sessions all right so that’s the coin drill

  1. The clock drill

now this is a more popular drill that you see amongst golfers and you’re probably seeing other golfers do this too so let’s get stuck into the clock drill okay the clock drill this is probably the best padding drill to get you rock solid on those short putts and this is one of my favorite all-time cutting drills I just had to share this one with you because it’s just so damn effective at preparing your mind and your body to sync your putts and as a matter of fact some of the best putters in the world uses drill day-in day-out to keep their cutting sharp now this is a pressure drill so unlike the last rule that I just showed you this Quatro is to be done under pressure and we want to accumulate as much pressure as we can the reason why is probably obvious to you I mean on the golf course you will face pressure putts clutch putts that seem so important like it was a make-or-break moment so it is also very important to practice pressure putting drills for you to condition your body and your mind to operate on those highly pressured situations and honestly there is nothing that feels as good as seeking a pressure putt that meant the world whether that’s match play or stroke play doesn’t matter those are the moments that make you come back again okay so here is how you go ahead and perform the clock drill place for golf balls around the hole evenly apart at the positions of three six nine and twelve o’clock all at three feet away and it’s probably better if you choose a hole with a slight slope so that you will encounter different types of putts I mean it’s going to get very boring if you just have the same straight putt again and again so what you should have is four golf balls spread apart around the hole and your job is to sync them one by one and it doesn’t matter if you go clockwise or anti-clockwise as long as you sync them all now if you miss one guess what you go back to the start you have to set it up again and start again but if you sync all four of these three footage then you set it up again at four feet away from the hole if you sync all four the four-footers move out to five feet and you can literally keep going and going until you miss a putt and the whole aim of this drill is to beat your own record see how far you can make it and hey if you miss bad luck go back to the start we’ve all done it before and that’s the beauty of this drill that’s what keeps the pressure on your back

3 the pullback drill

now here’s the next drill it’s very heavy-duty it’s very hardcore so don’t take it lightly here it is okay welcome to the most heavy-duty padding drill ever created this rule probably made most golfers knees go weak but the great thing is if you stick with it it will build your confidence and your ability to sink short putts like nothing else and by the way this drill is going to help you use and build your concentration on the green so that you can be a sharpshooter when everyone else is fading.the concept of this drill is simple put around the practice ring but at any time you have a putt or basically any time your ball is not in the hole you must bring it back three feet away from the hole and three feet is about the average length of your putter so that means if you’re left with a 2 feet putt from the cup then you draw it back and now it becomes a 5 foot putt and guess what you won’t find apart under 3 feet in this game so that really puts a lot of pressure on you to focus and get the job done so there’s two ways you can go about this you can play solo around the green and every putt is a part two or you can play this with a friend and it becomes a putting competition personally I always prefer to compete with someone because first of all there’s more pressure on your putts and second of all I like the feeling of winning a putting competition and plus I like seeing other players crack under pressure and I mean that’s kind of evil of me but hey it’s just a game so every putt you have bring it back three feet and as you can imagine this will put a lot of pressure on you sinking sure putz and it is a skill that you definitely need if you want to become an excellent golfer and score better than your opponents and of course if you play solo by yourself just keep score everything is a par 2 so if it takes three putts to get it in the hole that’s a bogey and you obviously want to keep your score low and avoid any blowouts you won’t believe how many times I’ve seen really decent golfers for putt and five putt because of this drill so you really have to concentrate on every single putt so again as I said if you stick with this drill and learn to love it I can guarantee you’ll be an outstanding putter and no pressure will ever crack your game

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