Cobra King F8 and F8+ driver Review

Cobra king F8 driver review

Majority of golfers spending the most of their time swinging the driver to get longer-straighter tee shots.

Some golfers take a different approach to add few yards off the tee.  These golfers jump on the best new driver technology that comes along every year or two.

the real question for most buyers before decide on buying a new driver:  What new driver do I buy, what best for me?

Cobra tries to answer that question with their new drivers King F8 and F8+.

Cobra King F8 Driver


  • Improved distance than the previous F driver.
  • Extremely forgiving and accurate
  • Cool looking design
  • Great price with Cobra Connect included .
  • Good adjustability for desired ball flights.


  • Some golfer might find the loft adjustments and high number of CG weight unnecessary.
  • No fade bias option. If you hook too many shots or want a fade option, this driver is not for you.

Cobra King F8+ Driver


  • Traditional profile and taller face.
  • Low spin and launch setting than the F8.
  • Lower loft range and smaller address profile than the F8.
  • Perfect for players with faster swing speeds.
  • Extremely workable
  • Priced below most competitors in its class.


  • Not for the average player.

10 Awesome Features of the F8 and F8+ Drivers

Cobra F8 and F8 plus has a same feature, even though they are design for a different types of player. Here are the complete specs of Cobra king F8 and F8 plus

  1. CNC Precision Milled Face technology makes the club face become thinner that impact to faster ball speed. CNC also create a larger “sweet spot,” and beautiful design.
  2. Dual Roll Technology–optimized dual roll tech on cobra is engineered to optimize launch and spin.
  3. 360 Degree Aero Technology– Located on the crown and sole, a slightly raised pattern that Cobra calls “Aero Trips,” improve aerodynamics and lead to faster club head speeds and better distance.
  4. MyFly 8 With Smart Pad – Eight easily adjustable loft settings allow users to increase or decrease launch angles in half-degree increments, and increase or decrease spin by plus or minus 400 rpm.
  5. Adjustable Center of Gravity System– Both the F8 and F8+ drivers feature two adjustable CG weights which allow users to tweak ball spin and trajectory for maximum distance. The F8 uses CG placements in the heel and back. The F8+ uses a front/back placement.
  6. TI-8-1-1 Body– The lightweight club head body, made from a titanium alloy known as TI-8-1-1, lowers discretionary weight and in conjunction with the two CG weights, improves launch angle and ball speed off the club face.
  7. E9 Technology– is design in an elliptical pattern to create a larger sweet spot
  8. Cobra Connect– the apps that include in F8 AND F8+ driver. It analyzes your strengths and weaknesses, and leads to better and more productive practice sessions.
  9. Carbon Fiber Crown– The ultra-light crown, made of carbon fiber, saves weight at the top to improves launch and forgiveness.
  10. 3 optional Shafts–for F8 the 50 gram Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Blue in Lite or Regular flex, the 60 gram Aldila 2kNV Blue in Regular or Senior flex, and the Aldila 2KNV Green 65 gram in Senior flex. For the F8+, they offer the 60 gram Aldila 2kNV Blue in Regular or Senior flex, the 65 gram Aldila 2KNV Green in Senior or Stiff flex, and the Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 gram also in Senior or Stiff flex.



On first launch of F8 and F8+. Cobra  drivers won 69 of 72 of the tests performed. King F8 driver delivers great distance off the face at sweet spot and high face hits, giving you some extra yards. King F8 is perfect for amateur golfer and also more forgiving that its brother F8+

F8+ is design for a higher level players and tournament players as it has a slightly smaller head and offers less forgiveness as a trade off for pushing the distance farther for players who have consistent sweet spot hits..


The Cobra King F8 really looks amazing. it has a dark finish with carbon coating at the top, clear lines of the Aero Technology around the top of the club and underneath, some on the sides. It’s mixed with a cool grey color and black,

Both the traditional shape and high face of the F8+, and the long profile and shallower face of the F8, provide confidence at address. The carbon fiber tail and polymer trips that make up the “360˚ Aero feature”, give it a slightly “busy” look.

Feel and sound

Very solid and good feedback on sound and feel. A club you can hit with confidence and get good feedback on. The sound is slightly lower than the previous Cobra drivers, something they should be proud of, as you don’t want to get a hearing issue over practicing too much with your driver.

Which Driver Works Best For Me?

Cobra F8 created for golfers between 25 and 5 handicapped, with a medium to high swing speed. Cobra optimized the club head’s shape, the CG weight locations, the adjustable loft settings, to reduce spin, maximize distance and forgiveness for the average player.

F8+ would be perfect for better player and professionals golfers because of the higher spin ,workability and more penetrating trajectory


Every new golf club on the market offer a new technology. While it sounds like marketing gimmickry, in truth, the gimmicks do work.

Lighter materials, coupled with aerodynamic designs, increase clubhead speeds and noticeably improve distance. CG weights and adjustable shafts allow owners to customize clubs to fit their swing everytime they need.

So what makes this latest offering from Cobra, stand out?

the technology that cobra F8 and F8+ offer is almost the same with the competitor. What make F8 and F8 plus special is because it included the Cobra Connect System. These features really works to help tracking your skill and improving makes cobra become valuable than its competitor