Chipping tips


We are going to talk about the most common mistake that amateur golfers make when it comes the chipping and how to fix it.

chipping were the most important part the game you know and eventually gonna miss a green and you gonna get the ball up and down to keep the wrong going save a par maybe not a par five got opportunity to make a nice easy birdie so when it comes to chip being basically want talk about three concepts are number one it’s club selection,number two it set up and then of course number three the actual motion 

Now when it comes to club selection is basically two philosophies one is to use a variety of clubs eight iron nine iron pitching wedge lob wage the other plus he’s basically to use one or two clubs.

And my suggestion is going to be less you’re getting a lot of time to practice is the stick with basically two claws probably like a pitching wedge and a lob wedge so you can use your pitching wedge when you want it the ball on the ground you wanna get rolling a little bit you’re gonna use your sandwich your lob would would never want your most lofted club when you need to hit the myelin ball little higher and a little softer and I think that’s going to be easier for you to learn is basically to clubs they kind of stick with those two things so that’s my suggestion on club selection.

Now the next is the actual sat up in the in the chip emotions basically like a little mini golf swing so I want your feet to be pretty close together.

We deathly wants some more pressure on the forward foot so was a right handed golfer I’m gonna have probably seventy percent pressure on my lead foot so my fear pretty close together deathly low but more pressure forward.

Ball position worsen the ball be position in the feet for mall shots I want the ball in the center of the stands.

If you have a bad light maybe it’s indeed grouse or maybe it’s in a hole or a David something like that then we should move the ball slightly back in the stands or towards the right foot if you’re right handed golfer.

The other key concept here in the set up is handle position or where is the handle relative to the club head now a lot of people this is a common mistake that they get their hands way too far in front of the golf ball in front of the club head when they raided hit a chip shot and that just de Los the golf club so I want the hands in front of the ball but only slightly in front of the ball flew over kind of a couple of the key things when it comes to the set up what’s so funny little bit now about the actual motion a chip in motion what are we looking for well first of all.

What on the backstroke I want you know you think of a phrase of catcher’s Mitt Sony swing the club about the most important thing is that the club had stays outside the hands.

Alright because when the club essays outside the hand you have a good angle coming back into the golf ball which is gonna help you with clean contact.

Common mistake I see a lot of golfers make is they drive the club had to the inside then they’ll tend to hit behind the golf ball so the first praised the first thought is catcher’s Mitt where the clubhead stays outside your hands.

Now the other thing that I give a lot of my students a good suggestion is well phrased recall high to low because the actual motion on the backstroke should be slightly higher than the former show this will help you create a descending blow on the golf ball so the phrase is high to low Lana golfers will do the opposite

Swing low on the back high and the ball through the trying to lift the golf ball and this is just not good when it comes to chipping.

A third of the final tip they give you is on the finish when you finish the bottom of the club for the most part should be pointing out your belt buckle.

And what it’s pointing at your belt buckle that tells me that you maintain the correct loft on the golf club alright let’s do kind of a quick review on this first of all when it comes the club selection pitching wedge a lot which is probably all you’re gonna need for ninety percent of the shots you see on the golf course in the set up Peter pretty close.

Pressure live on the forward for it balls in the centers of the handles pretty equal with that. In the actual motion catcher’s Mitt gone back.

High to low finish with their money in the club point your belt buckle if you do these things here has some quality chip shots and you’re gonna save some knife bars or maybe to get them all been down for an easy birdie.

you don’t want to give you the most common mistake that amateur golfers make when it comes to chip in and here’s what it is when they’re set up a lot of Amer told when they merely take the call box kind again your cock the risk now what this does is it actually deal off the golf club and most importantly it takes all of the bones out of the club in Nash’s disasters what you want to actually do this in the initial take orders you wanna kill if you’re pushing the handle awaits you at the bottom of the called the top part here you push it away when you do this it’ll keep the law from the golf club and most importantly help you



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