Best Swing Analyzer


presents the seven best swing analyzers let’s get started with the list starting of our list at

  1. Golf sense 3d analyzer

number seven the golf sense 3d analyzer clips to your glove and transmits your swing data to your phone or tablet this makes it easy to share critical information about your swing with your friends or coach helping you improve faster unfortunately the companion app is very buggy it doesn’t affect club weight and stays in place well but it’s not very durable at

4.Noitom myswing

sticks to your club shaft and gives you lightning-fast results so you’re not waiting around to see what you did wrong it also chairs you for a perfect swing which is a nice bit of positive reinforcement don’t expect it to last forever though it uses motion capture technology and keeps historical data but it does have difficulty staying on the clock

  1. 3 bays GSA

shows everything from the angle of your shaft when you hit the ball to swing speed and even illustrate the difference between your release point and the optimal hit point it’s a compact build is perfect for keeping in your golf bag it can analyze your swing without you hitting a ball and it shows a 3d view of your swing it’s accurate

2.County Elite

if you only the most necessary data by giving you a visualization of the club’s location at each moment in your swing you can correct mistakes and develop positive muscle memory it’s ideal for beginners and is easy to carry with you it works with any club

  1. Zepp golf 3d

unlike many other models does Zepp golf 3d attaches to your glove instead of the club so you don’t need to waste time reattaching it when switching clubs it also offers training tips and suggest drills you can use to improve your problem areas it records your swing in HD video and you can compare yourself to top pros pass it wirelessly send data to your phone and coming in



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