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I’m going to continue my top list the golf of this year 2017 the middle of summer so certainly a good time to take stock I’ve just done the drivers and the irons and I’m going to move on to the wedges I’m going to do the putters necks so when testing wedges this year I’ve been very conscious about the only Testament on do you see – and you see quad and getting the numbers or something taken out the goal of course Testament in Spain testing it on the grass testing different climates because that’s where the wedges are going to be used more of out the sand chipping and pitching and that’s really main factor to putting this list together okay so before we get to the top five list I’ve got three wedges to consider we’ve not made my top five list but I feel like these wedges do cater for different types of golfers we’re gonna start off first with the Cleveland RTX three wedge I love the look of this wedge I feel like it’s very simple not too complicated they’ve improved the grooc structure and the new the central gravity up well for me the field possibly was a little bit too hard for that wedge another wedge huge consideration is the Wilson FG tour wedge this wedge on the flipside for me didn’t strike me as a good looking wedge but it did feel well and it did perform very well but it just didn’t sit as comfortable on the AI for me it wasn’t as good-looking as a wedge of the top five of takes the other wedge in this category as well four wedges to consider is the pink glide 2.0 wedge I’ve really excited about testing this because me the looks of this golf but is just incredible it sits perfectly in line with the other pink herbs they brought out in the last 18 months but it was really hard off the head and I’m not a big fan of a hard wedge here’s a little clip of me hitting all of these three wedges before we get into the top five our pick for 2017 ah that feel is just astonishing look at

  1. Taylormade milled grind wedge

how I feel but great buy stop okay so in at number five and we’ve got the TaylorMade milled grind wedge the milk lime wedge I love the premise and the idea that the fact it’s more machine milled and ever before and it’s more precise I kind of think always you should be like that anyway and they’re pretty much I’ll go in that way but for me the wedge really did sit wonderfully I felt like it performed grit brilliantly I felt like I had 95 percent good looks five percent detailing around the logo at the back and some of the text made it look a little bit cheaper but the performance was outstanding and he offered a nice feel to it I wouldn’t say soft but it wasn’t particularly hard here’s a little clip of me testing the TaylorMade milled grind wedge I’m still getting that hard feel off the head so don’t feel like soft wedges

  1. Titleist Vokey sm-6

okay so number four moving up the rankings we have the Titleist Volkey wedge now this is the sm-6 these have been out nearly a year and a half at least but there’s no new development of the vocal line just yet so the SM 6 is still in the line I love this wedge Voki makes such good wedges and these wedges spin like crazy coming different finishes which I’m always a big fan of in wedges I don’t mean the black finish actually and I really enjoyed these wedges a lot it’s only when I started to feel that maybe they were getting a bit hard they fill up the head was a little bit harder than some of the other wedges are tested I’d probably still be using the Vokey wedges in my back I’ve gone for more of a softer feel these days but the Volk e wedge you cannot question Bob Voki and the design team that go into Vokey wedges the way that they pushed on with the grinds and the way that the sole and the and the club interacts with each other it’s a really good wedge here’s a little clip of me testing it this was actually last year but it is still the most current Volken oh here we go holes are really nice



  1. Mizuno t7 Wedges

okay so we now get to the top three wedges for 2017 this wedge I was hoping and I pray it was going to perform brilliantly because looks wise and I’ve mentioned looks a lot of these other wedges this wedge looks incredible this is the Mizuno t7 it came in the chrome finish I also had it in a blue finish a man this is a good looking wedge it didn’t only back it with good looks it back to all with performance and then also offered that softer feel as I started to hit it as well for me this was a real contender of being a top by today if it was just going to be a little bit softer it would have been right up there at 2 or 1 but that’s just my personal opinion it’s not for everyone everyone likes different feels it’s one to consider the Mizuno T7 wedge its current quite thing to get the strike Saeko back they’re the best legs I’ve ever used

  1. Cobra pur wedge

ok so we now move into the top two wedges of 2017 this would the most recent wedge I’ve tested we’re in the middle of summer now is I’m sure there’s new wedges coming out but this is one of the ones that I’ve tested recently and it was a Cobra pure wedge spell PU our little batter before you pronounce pure this is a forged wedge super simple completely chrome hardly any detail and detailing on it at all and it was possible the softest wedge up tested all year it was great performance high spin numbers high spin characteristics and it looks incredible so it like kind of ticks all the boxes when looking for a new wedge comes in different bounce options and options and loads of different degrees all of the wedges in this category do but the Cobra pure white for me just felt is all it quickly tested are they go thanks for watching well great


  1. Callaway Mack Daddy forged

okay so in our top spot number one for 2017 this is the best wedge hand down I’ve tested this year and it’s the Callaway Mack Daddy forged for me offers so many good benefits it offers a really good look it offers it in different finishes and you have the forging element to this golf club and it is softer than soft it is just really good the front edge is sharp the overlook of the whole golf club is beautiful and then you blend that with the feeling of this club when you hit it and the performance and the spin and the characteristics you get from that this is why it’s been ranked number one for me this year here’s work with me in it and it’s the wedges I have my bike currently for this particular reason because they’re so the sound the feel everything go in go in guys thanks for watching the top list of wedges for 2017 hopefully enjoyed the video like I mentioned at the start I’ve tested these on performance not only on spin characteristics on closed settings but also how they fared out on the golf course hitting them from different lies different shots all different variations you’re going to get with a wedge and it helped me compile this list to help you guys make the right choices when looking for wedges as always this is my opinion so please please do only take this into consideration when you’re looking for a wedge best thing to do with the wedge is try and test them on the grass try and test them on the launch ones to get the right flight and spin numbers for you but most importantly get a wedge that you like the look of and you like the feel of guys

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