Best golf travel bag review 2018

best golf travel bag

best golf travel bag – Travel bags are simple but very important. If you like playing golf and traveling, clubs and drivers must be well maintained. It would be very troublesome to manage all golf equipment without a good quality golf bag. Damaged equipment not only causes material losses, but also damages your mood. Therefore having a golf travel bag is a must for you golfer who loves traveling.

it is difficult to find the best golf travel bag among hundreds products from good, bad, expensive, and cheap. If you don’t test it yourself, it will be very difficult to choose the bag that suits you. But, don’t worry. Here we will discuss the best golf bag that suits your wants and needs so that you can keep your golf equipment safe while you are traveling.

What to consider when choosing the best golf travel bag:


The most vulnerable area of ​​the travel bag is the top because one throw can damage the club that makes the club head crack. The top of your bag must be fit when packed.

Storage space

More storage and bags are not always better. Because it depend on your needs, smaller bags with little bags and storage space might be better for you than having a lot of extra storage space that you don’t use.


An important feature for a golf bag is overall maneuverability. To carry a bag in a crowded airport, you need a model with a wheel base that is solid and easy to control. Maneuverability is one where cheap bags don’t have


Quality golf travel bags must be strong and durable. The parts that are most often damaged are seams, zips, grommets and wheels.

Hard Vs Soft

The golf travel bag protects your club from rough handling by baggage attendants and crammed into luggage with other baggage. For optimal protection, hard case is the right choice but more expensive and heavier. Hard cases are usually bigger and harder to get into a small car.

The softcase, when properly packaged and used with stiff arms, can offer good protection while giving you superior maneuverability, more organization choices for additional equipment, and generally a much lower price tag.


it would be a mistake to make cheap prices the only determining factor for buying a golf travel bag. Our reviews below cover various price points so you can be sure to find a quality bag that best suits your needs for a price that fits your budget.

base on protection, storage, durability, Hard vs Soft and value we has been gather the best travel golf bags that will be perfect for you, here are the list:

The best golf bags (winner) – sun mountain clubglider tour series

Since the introduction of the Glider Club line, Sun Mountain has become a favorite choice of amateurs and professionals traveling with their clubs.

The Club Glider Series tour touches you with a classy look and high quality materials. Another version of the Glider Club has been made from either polyester or nylon, but the Tour Series is made of high quality vinyl. In terms of material and design it is designed to survive in various conditions.

The wheels used make it possible to spin in all directions and support the entire weight of the bag. A two-wheeled travel bag can be a hassle to maneuver inside and around the airport, but Club Glider makes it very easy to allow full control and the ability to spin around turns.

The price you have to pay for having a tour series is $ 319.00, if you are a golfer who often travels with your club then tour series prices is very appropriate to keep your club safe when you are traveling. The combination of hardiness and easy maneuvering and classy design are the perfect choices for those of you who often travel and play golf. For anyone who is considering buying a bag that will protect the most valuable golf gear, the Tour Series is the only choice

Most durable golf travel bag – Samsonite hardside

Samsonite hardside is one of the best golf travel covers ever produced by Samsonite. You will be impressed by the protection provided by the lightweight ABS shell and ease when carrying through the airport and parking garage without the need for a lot of energy.

This case is designed to almost always stand on its base, so it doesn’t need much space when you line up. The four “spinner” wheels make it easy to drive

The Samsonite Hardside weighs 15 pounds, although it is quite heavy, but using 4 wheels capable of rotating 360 degrees is not big a problem. The only time you realize the weight is when you store a bag.

The case of the Samsonite Hardside golf priced for $ 400, making it one of the most expensive travel case on the market but it will worth with full protection and comfort. Samsonite Hardside is a revolutionary product that makes traveling with your golf club much more enjoyable. This not only reduces stress by worrying about whether your club will be adequately protected, but also relieves stress on your arms, shoulders and back from transporting clubs through the airport. In our estimation, this is worth the price of this case.

Most spacious golf travel bag- Club Glove Last Bag  (used by Tour pros)

Club Glove Last Bag is the strong golf bag that Built to withstand the test of weather and rough handling, this golf bag is the choice for many tour players. With a price that is quite expensive but very strong and durable so you don’t need to replace it in the near future. Using the best Quality construction, high quality materials, spacious interiors, and outstanding maneuverability are what you pay for with this model

Club Glove Last is a bag with great design in 18 color combinations with web trim contrast for a sharp look.

This bag gives you enormous space for everything you need on your trip. The interior dimensions of the bag are 51x19x16 inches. You can put a 47-inch driver inside the case. The best thing is that you have a lot of extra space left for additional towels, shirts and other items When you don’t use it, the bag is easily folded into small sizes to store neatly.

If you decide to buy a durable golf case, the Club Glove Last Hand Bag is the right choice.

Most lightweight golf travel bags – Caddy Daddy Golf Constrictor 2

The Caddy Daddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover is a durable soft case bag that is equipped with several new technology and features.

The bag can be folded into two parts so that it doesn’t need a large room to store. This bag uses a 1800D high quality nylon fabric that makes this bag very strong, even though it only weighs 9 kilograms.

The main compartment is 50x13x 15 inches, wide enough for a golf bag. There is plenty of room for drivers and clubs. Side bags are enough for a pair of shoes and enough space for items on a few extra small items that perfect for keys, balls and other small items.

Lots of space, durable materials, and affordable prices make this the best value choice. This bag is a pretty good bag that offers plenty of storage and protection for your valuable golf equipment.

Best Cheap Golf Travel Bags –  LLC Caravan 3.0

LLC Caravan 3.0 is the best travel bag that costs about $ 80. Caravan 3.0 gets excellent customer feedback. This bag is made from mixture of high density polyester denier 600 which makes a strong construction.

Available in 5 different color choices, soft top, nice exterior pockets, and a wheel system better than most.  It is equipped with a safety strap to accommodate your club and equipment safely. Protective PVC pads provide additional benefits for golfers.

Some owners say that adding bubble wrap to the club’s head is an extra way to provide protection. That is of course one way, but you can always buy a Backbone or Stiff Arm if you want to provide better support.

Of course you don’t want to buy a golf travel bag every month. That’s why it’s important to choose well before buying it. I hope you get a matching bag for you from this golf travel bag review. Give your comments about the best travel golf bag in your opinion and explain the reasons.