best golf tees


One of the ultimate solution to straighten and lengthen your drive is using the correct golf tee and teeing at the right height.

Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees – Best bulk golf tees

3-Prong Golf Tee Zero Friction Original made from bio-composite material makes it less resistant you more distance on the golf course. The bio composite material makes this tee become durable. You can pass 3-4 months with only 5 of them. Relative to other tees, this is almost indestructible.

This tee has a 3-branch top that significantly reduces the contact area between the golf ball and tee so that it can provide maximum distance and accuracy.

Zero Friction is a favorite of golf superstars on tournament and being No. 1 Golf Tee on the PGA Tour with more than 70 TOUR wins

If you are a golfer who has a high swing speed Tee Golf Zero Friction is the perfect choice for you.


HAMP Zarma FLYtee, Neon Mixed, 2 3/4-Inch – Best colored golf tees

FLYtee Zarma Champs are available in 30 Pcs with 3 color choices: 10 pink, 10 orange and 10 green golf tees that you can use in several seasons. Because the colors are so striking that they are easily visible to us on the golf course when and you can found it easily when it play with a golf balls.

This is a frictionless golf tee. The top of the tee has 6 branches that hold a golf ball with less contact than a standard tee keep the balls stable

Tee Champ Zarma can be 5x longer than a wooden tee. The top of tee is not easy to loose even with high-speed swings. It is perfectly used by golfers with high-speed drivers

The price is indeed more expensive but with very durable so it has a long life, and when compared actually is much more economical than a flexible plastic tee on the market.


Pride Professional Tee System Evolution Plastic Golf Tees (Pack of 50) – Best plastic golf tees

The Pride Professional Plastic Golf Tees is a very durable plastic tee. It takes almost 100 shots to break one tee. The top face of the Pride golf tee has four branches that touch the ball, this reduces the friction faced by the ball with a standard tee. You can get extra 2-3 meters further with this tee.

The Pride golf tee comes in package 50 consisting of: ten 1.5-inch tees for iron, hybrid and low-profile. 40 tees 2.75 inches or 3.25 inches for drivers under 360cc,

Although this is expensive but can be used many times, it saves your expenses on buying a tee.

4 More Yards Plastic Golf Tees – 3 1/4″ – Blue (4 Tees) – Best 4 More Yard Golf Tees

The 4 More Yards plastic tee is a highly recommended tee for getting the perfect shot. This golf tee has a 6-branch flexible top that gently holds the ball without much contact so that there is a little friction that makes the ball more accurate and flies farther

This tee is perfect for use by high and low handicap golfer that want to add 2-3 extra yards. It is made of high quality material that makes it very durable and long lasting

This tee is available in four sizes that are distinguished by color: green (4 “), blue (3.25”), yellow (2.75 “) and red (1.75”). This tee is indeed more expensive than others, if you are a golfer who often loses tees it might be better to choose another tee


Martini Golf 3-1/4″ Durable Plastic Tees 5-Pack (Assorted Colors) – Best martini golf tees


Martini Golf Tees is one of golfers’ favorite tees. Shaped like a martini glass, it’s perfect with drivers who have big clubfaces. Tee Martini is available in 11 colors or pack a variety of colors. Tee golf martinis are perfect for senior golfers because they are easily put into the ground.

This tee is very durable it has been proven to be able to hold after 100 shoot drives. You can also tilt the golf ball almost 20% towards the target line to reduce club resistance.

You will get 5 tees when buying this tee and will survive many seasons. If you are the type of golfer who often removes tees, you should buy more than 2 sets of these tees.


After we collected the best golf tees, wooden tees were generally less popular than plastic tees. This offers a lower contact area and hence lower friction at impact. This results in a straighter and add more distance.  An additional advantage of plastic tees is their durability. Each tee lasts up to 50-100 drives.

Plastic tee is not too environmentally friendly. But because tee plastic is very durable compared to wooden tees, we might actually save trees from unnecessary logging. However, we strongly recommend recycling plastic golf tees.