best golf socks


Did you know that uncomfortable clothes and accessories can ruin your game? If you get a disappointing score, maybe it’s time to check and replace your golf accessories like socks

Socks support your overall performance because a good pair of socks will give you perfect grip and support.

And in fact not all socks are made the same. There are some special qualities that the best golf socks have to know about. In this review we have chosen the best golf socks so you can play comfortably


Swiftwick – Aspire ZERO – The Best-Contoured Compression Socks For Golf


If you have problems with blisters, you should try replacing your socks with Swiftwick. This sock is Manufactured from a combination of Nylon, Repreve, Olefin and Spandex materials and uses the best technology, that makes this sock durable and comfortable

The Aspire zero is a sock is not visible above your ankle. You can use it not only for golf but also for other sports and activities. The compression features are specifically designed to support cyclists, runners and golfers who use shoes for a long time.

Aspire zero provides moderate compression and enough cushion for the feet so it can absorb sweat,  dries quickly and does not lose shape.

These socks are antimicrobial and not contain harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. And also this sock are Breathable that allowing free circulation of air and minimizing foot odor


Nike Dri Fit – The Best Antiperspirant Socks For Golf

All day in the sunlight can make your feet feel sore, blister and bad smell if your socks are sucks. If you use Regular cotton socks that will make your feet wet because cotton absorb moisture. For those of you who sweat extra need something like Nike Golf Dri Fit socks, these socks will keep your feet cool and dry

These socks are made from a mixture of quality materials 50% polyester, 45% cotton, 3% nylon and 2% spandex. The material combination can absorb moisture, dry quickly, stretch enough also increase durability.

Using this socks You don’t need to worry about being insulted by bad foot odor. Coated with Gore-Tex, these sock will ensure you are never wet and uncomfortable.


Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks – The Best Anti-Odor Support Socks For Golf


One of the most common problems with socks is bad odor. After a full day, you will not be confident to take off the shoes because of the bad smell, but the Heat Armor protective socks are designed to prevent odor-forming bacteria from growing in these socks.

Under Armor crew socks are produced using a combination of high quality polyester, cotton, nylon and spandex. This mixture has the ability to absorb sweat quickly and has an anti-slip design that provides good traction in shoes so it is very comfortable to use.

Not all golf socks are intended for all temperatures and climates. These socks will keep your feet cool in temperatures ranging from 75 degrees up.


KENTWOOL Men’s Tour Profile – Gameday Socks – The Best Walking Socks


Golf is a game where you have to walk and stand using shoes for long periods of time. This causes blisters and pain on the legs. For that, you need a comfortable pair of socks. Kentwool has released the game day Men socks that are perfect for those long days.

These premium socks are manufactured using the main materials of Cocona polyona combined with merino wool, spandex and nylon.

Cocona polyona uses activated carbon formed from coconut shells. Which can absorb sweat better and keep the feet dry. Merino wool can keep your feet cool in the hot temperature. Spandex maintains the sock shape to fit perfectly in your feet. And nylon ventilation improves socks breathing ability

These socks also ensure that your feet remain free of the annoying odors and growth bacteria. Kentwood socks are easy to wear not only comfortable but easy to wash because they use high-quality materials that make these socks more durable than other brands