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Wanna improve your game? here are the list of best golf simulator to be a golfer heroes:

  • aboutGolf Limited
  • Full Swing Golf
  • High Definition Golf
  • X Golf Simulators
  • Foresight Sports
  • Optishoot golf simulator

TruGolf E6 Cloud

well access software was established in 1982 and we did a lot of games but our most successful product was links which would started out as leader board in 1986 so it goes back a long way we’ve evolved from making video games making high-end golf simulation software and now we’re taking it to the next level by utilizing new streaming technologies to create and delivery 6 cloud now it’s just an internet connection you can play with golfers around the globe it’s integrated with our hardware as well as existing monitors radar units, high-speed cameras and other

golf simulators v6 cloud is a membership to the best golf courses in the world of the course is available to play almost 30 are featured on golf digest’s greatest courses including st. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst number two bandon dunes and many more

I think what E6 cloud is going to bring to the industry of standardization if this industry is going to grow if it’s going to become more relevant elements of it need to be standardized we have a lot of great devices out there there are a lot of great launch monitors there are a lot of great simulation companies but what we lack is this universe that people can buy a device and regardless of the device they’re all tied together that makes the universe bigger that gives gravity to the universe and it allows us to solve some of the problems that Golf is running into we can make it more appealing to families we can make it less expensive we can make it so that younger people see more relevance in the sport itself so if the industry really is going to continue to grow and have a chance to prosper it needs the standardization

Full Swing Golf

welcome to a full swing the worldwide leader in cutting-edge indoor golf simulation technology step into a world where you can play golf 365 days a year rain or shine on 84 championship courses from practice to instruction to entertainment this is the world-class experience you’ve been looking for

builds on 30 years of experience full swing has strived to develop the most advanced tech and durable simulators in existence. dedicated and skilled tape carefully constructs all of our simulators in our San Diego California office

the fax load of our simulators are fueled by our patented dual tracking technology which combines high-speed cameras and infrared light wave technology full swing is the only tracking system that measures ball flight in real time

don’t you take our word for it we are trusted by and in the homes of top pros including Tiger wood,Jordan speith,Patrick Reed, Jason Bay, Padraig Harrington ,smiley Coffman, and more full swing simulators come in three different S Series models our premium SH Series simulator is built with a durable solid wood enclosure premium component and built into your custom space

the versatile and four series can stand alone with this metal frame fabric enclosure and upgraded components build it into your home or brand it for your company our newest line of simulators the s2 series is our most compact streamlined simulator yet with a smaller footprint and best value for the price golf professionals education facilities retailers and home buyers alike can play all year round upgrade your simulator to the next level with Showdown golf play head-to-head competitions including a Reno target pressure cooker straight shooter and many more full swing the ultimate golf simulator experience

High Definition Golf.

high-definition golf set a new standard and accuracy and realism for indoor golf. the system utilizes advanced stereoscopic computer vision technology to provide the most comprehensive and precise shot analysis in the industry

it has the unique capability to measure all critical ball and club parameters including ball speed,Club speed, launch angle, club face angle, ball spin and spin axis at high accuracy these factors have made high definition Gulf the system of choice for PGA Tour Pros such as Stephen Ames and Jason Bohn top golf instructors like jim mcclain club manufacturers such as nike as well as numerous training centers club fitters and Gulf retail stores

in addition to pioneering computer vision technology for ball and club tracking interactive sports technologies also developed a new method of 3d modeling for high-definition golf this revolutionary image processing software combines high-resolution digital imagery and satellite data into 3d models of golf courses that not only look real they are completely accurate everywhere on the course

every tree bunker and hazard is faithfully reproduce exactly as you would see it if you were playing the actual course high-definition Gulf is the only golf simulator that looks and plays like the real thing the simulator and all modules have been designed so that anyone can be immediately effective with system operation regardless of prior computer experience no keyboard or mouse are required just turn it on and the convenient touchscreen displays intuitive menu options such as play practice compete decide what you want to do touch the button and swing away it’s really that easy

all high definition golf models include internet connectivity that provides live remote diagnostics and support. the standard system utilizes the internet to enable our full service support staff to be at your door with the click of a button

high definition Gulf capture technology was developed originally for international factory automation applications .motion detection systems were designed and built to operate 24/7/365 in harsh environments in the unlikely event that something is not functioning properly with the system one click of the keyboard connects our staff engineers for live remote diagnostics. the same technicians that designed and built your high-definition golf simulator will diagnose and correct any problems immediately you’ll be swinging again in minutes with no worries except for that big water hazard to the left of the 18th fairway you


X golf simulator

was doing the research and I put up a couple of the other technologies against us I decided to go and choose this technology over the other ones because I believe it is absolutely the most accurate system there is indoors so what we’ve done is we’ve ¬†brought this machine in and as I’ve worked with it a little bit I found that it is absolutely accurate and it’s also very user friendly so what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna have a look at the simulator

the basic principle of X golf is to measure data in and around the impact zone real data that’s measurable versus the commonplace method of looking at ball flight and then reverse engineering back to impact so let me show you a graphic that illustrates where and how we measure ball data

X golf is utilizing the world’s most advanced sensory technology to measure data we use a combination of light laser and optical sensors a unique impact sensor and a high-speed spin camera system this allows us to deliver verifiable metrics that include path impact club head speed ball direction launch angle ball speed spin rate and therefore shot shape carry distance and smash factor

what I really like about this is that we have the data on hand it’s right in front of you it’s visual we can see it and from there we can really work and get the best Club

Forseight GC Quad

the cool features about the quad is about six and a half years in making from our engineers at the GC 2 s been in the market since 2010 so 2017 the beauty about this product is the GC 2 and HMT all built into one it’s Quadra scopic meaning has four cameras

the cool features about the quad it has no flash so it’s infrared LEDs it has an altimeter and a barometer in it so we can normalize outdoor in any condition. I work out on the PGA Tour it’s amazing now I don’t care for a sea level where we are is the accuracy now on our carry distance it’s not only set the sea level so it can normalize any anywhere outside it also has an alignment stick there’s no more guessing where the target is are putting it in parallel we’re up against the machine parallel to the target the player shows the target the Machine goes on the ground it will calibrate to the stick and now the stick dictates the target it’s zero the stick dictates the target that is zero now

so that is huge for the players out on tour another ROI cool feature is that before cameras working like this our heading zone has gone from about this big that’s six times bigger it is huge I was out working with the tour player recently and he had about forty or fifty five irons off a turf before we didn’t have to move the machine

we have about 65 golf courses we still a long drive close to the pin and the Skills Challenge and we also have the driving range where you do all your practice also we have we’re starting the 4sight gaming we’re giving to the entertainment business it’s not up on these screens right now but we have some beagle kids love zombies come walking down the fairway you gotta hit them before they get to your t-box and then you’re pretty much game over you’re dead head game over and we have roulette golf

so you hit a target the roulette wheel pops up it run places their bets and for Entertainment Inc in gaming and we’re gonna build that brand and foresight gaming with many games over the years we have a list of about 10 so we’re doing our best every month to keep adding to that library

other than that we’re really excited about oh one other thing I want to show too is that we have a fiducial expenser sticker expense er for the HMT so much easier the sheets of paper this will come with the quad it comes right out sticks you apply it to the club you pull this little tab it sticks so much easier come on the sheets of paper everywhere so what you have to stick up your golf clothes

one thing I want to say too is the battery light on the GC quad d that has a 10-hour battery life which is huge for the outdoor application TC 2 is over time the battery lasts like 2 hours max so you always had to have an external battery that is saved a lot of headaches and it comes with a spare battery that you can have fully charged so you can have up to 20 hours

other than that I think I covered all my basics over release in here at the show and looking forward to a busy year sounds good and


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