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hello there I’m Joel Tubman Terkel editor of Gulf monthly and initially daily weekly we’re talking about the best golf shoes of 2017 I feel like I’m in a pretty good position to give you some insight into the top performers that we notice this year of tested pretty much every golf shoe that’s been launched in 2017 there’s a hell of a lot of golf shoes that have come out this year but I’ve tested them all when I picked out six or seven of my favorite ones there’s some interesting things and coming out of shoes this year I think comfort is one of the areas of performance and manufacturers have really been focusing on this year another one is definitely breathability so making the shoe that’s going to keep you cool in warm conditions and let the sweat escape from the shoe and finally traction we’ve seen some really interesting outsole designs from different manufacturers that’s definitely kind of unique to what we traditionally see we’ll go shoes in terms of spikeless out soles or cleat there’s some really interesting designs that we’ll talk about in this video as well so without further ado let’s have a look at some of my favorite golf shoes this year

  1. foot joy Pro SL

you just seen these on the feet of a lot of Tour Pros this year and with good reason 90 discus shoe look fantastic for me it gives you a nice combination of stability so perimeter stability so you look down the shoe the outsole kind of sticks out on the outside gives you that the feeling and impression of perimeter stability so you know they have too much movement this way laterally but you’re also getting some excellent comfort underfoot and the two types of foam here underneath so definitely if you’re looking for a new spiked issue that’s going to give you maximum performance is a lot of grip on this shoe as well the pro is one needs to be try and comes in at 140 pounds

  1. Under Armour tour tips

now this is a high-performance cleat issue you’ve got these rotational resistance cleats on the sole not sure you’re going to feel the benefit of those but what I like about this shoe is the kind of simple classic clean look if you like it’s a very similar performing and feeling shoe to the Spieth one but for me the Spieth one is a little bit too busy this one is a little bit more man you can wear this study of this colorway with a lot more outfits you’ve got the perforated detail which makes it look really premium the leather is also nice and soft and while it might not appear there’s a lot of gear on the outside there’s certainly a very comfortable shoe to wear so definitely one to try if you’re looking for a cleated shoe

  1. nike lunar control vapor

now as you can see there’s a lot going on visually with this year with the colorway are definitely twos are more playing a white version with the Nike tick on the toe section the kind of string effect here on the side and the outside there’s a lot of visual technology to get you excited about golf shoes what I like about this shoe is definitely one of the comfiest golf shoes I’ve ever worn and also like how low to the ground you get with this shoe you still got loads of grip thanks to these special articulated traction elements I think they’re called definitely don’t lose it on grip nice and low to the ground very green friendly really not the shape of the shoe just generally a nice comfortable golf shoe to wear comes with 120 pounds so definitely some decent value for money there as well

  1. ecco cool golf shoe

now there’s no two ways about it this is a premium golf shoe spending a lot of money on this shoe comes in at 220 pounds but for your money you are getting without question one of the softest feeling leather golf shoes on the market you can see just how flex all that leather is and you just need to experience how soft they feel this leather is it ABS absolutely fantastic but the main draw main technology benefit you’ll get from the shoe is excellent breathability comes from this 360 aired channeling system all the way around okay as you see through the holes in this shoe and what it means is that on hot days your feet I’m going to get sweaty and that combination obviously with echoes renowned to being very comfortable golf shoe to wear it really is one of the best performing golf shoes on the market yes you’re paying a premium for it but I do think if once you do invest in these shoes you won’t regret it

  1. Puma title tour ignite disk

what I like about this shoe is the softness of the leather we talked over other shoes with definitely applies to this shoe it’s a very spongy almost kind of squidgy feel around your foot it’s they’re very comfortable golf shoe to wear right out-of-the-box I love the colorways that you get with this shoe this is the all white version which looks fantastic but even the the black version looks great as well and there’s also a gray option which all three I think we could go with a variety of outfits which is important I think you can better wear these in a lot of different situations a lot of different outfit combinations obviously you’ve got the the disc lacing system on the side which works really well very easy to put on and off and like I said that comes out the box for 130 pounds I believe you’re definitely going to enjoy wearing these on the course

  1. LS power band bow a boost

but I’ve been testing it over the last few months Sergio Garcia won the Masters wearing it what you’ll enjoy about the shoe is a combination of stability and powerful I can really use the ground with that shoe I feel like you’re very connected with the ground with that shield obviously with the BOA lacing system very easy to put on and off and get the right fit so very impressive shoe and some really interesting styling on that shit I think a lot of golfers are going to enjoy

  1. sketches go golf pro

I’ve been waiting a long time to get my hands on me this was the colorway that I decided to get they’re out of stock finally got one finally got my chance to test it and definitely didn’t regret it it’s a very premium feeling leather shoe like I mentioned with a lot of golf shoes in this video a very soft leather shoe kind of subtle modern styling I think the laces are obviously fantastic they feel like silk and when you’re tying them on so nice and soft on your hands almost like a suede effect on the tongue just lots of nice little design details I wouldn’t say it’s the most breathable she well that really is my only negative to say about this year the grip was fantastic a lot of cleats there with different outsole knobs as well really comfortable the Box pretty flexible actually it felt like more of a sporty shoe once they were like necessarily but just felt like it was a lot of movement there then I’m with this girl shooter in the swing very comfortable to walk in excellent styling and one to try

so hopefully this video has been helpful I picked out seven shoes they’re covering different price points different types of shoe from spikeless to cleated if you’re in the market for a new shoe hopefully one of those seven is going to tick the boxes for you as always go and try them on get fitted there’s lots of different colorways to consider as well depending on the clothing that you’ve got at home so make sure you get all that right and once you settle on the shoe that’s work for you I think you’re going to experience the benefits out on the golf course


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