Best Golf Range Finder


the 10 best laser rangefinders let’s get started with the list starting of our list

  1. Crenova lr 600

is a basic multifunctional rangefinder designed mainly for golfers it provides clear easy readings but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like more expensive brands such as slope adjustment and fast range 5 mode it is accurate along ranges and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee over the included instructions of vague

9 nikon cool shot 40

provides a reading in less than one second it can also take 8 seconds of continuous measurements for quick range readings on multiple targets but the accuracy isn’t tight with an error range of plus or minus two and a quarter feet it comes in an attractive wide housing and weighs less than 6 ounces but the build quality is questionable coming in

  1. Callaway hybrid

is a true gem that combines the best of both laser and GPS technology in one unit it lets you take aim with confidence plus it comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 global golf course maps and provides accurate front center and back distance to the green it’s a sleek and stylish design that jumps for distance confirmation however it does have a short battery life

  1. Tectectec vPro 500

is perfect for measuring golf thanks has certain wooded areas thanks to its pin sensor technology that accurately measures overlapping objects it provides sharp clear images under all conditions and can be used as a high quality spotting monocular it includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and a case with a belt loop but it does require a very steady hand moving up a list

  1. Vortex rrf 101

has unmatched reliability in everything from low-light conditions to wet weather it allows you to hunt for days in the rain with no problem thanks to the multi coated lenses and oring seals that prevent any moisture from penetrating the armored body it features yardage readings that are always accurate and adjustable display illumination and a scan mode for tracking an animal halfway up our list

  1. Wildgame innovations halo XRT

makes a great choice it offers up to 6 times magnification operates on a single button plus has awesome accuracy and range at a lightweight ergonomic design that’s easy to hold it includes a scan mode for constant ranging and is precise to plus or minus one yard but it only ranges to 500 yards

  1. Leupold gx4i

a must-have for any golfer looking to improve their game in addition to providing accurate ranges to the hole and hazards it comes with a smart key faceplate that suggests what club to use based on your personal striking distances it automatically locks onto prism topped flags and features a handy low glare lens and a no slope option for tournament use nearing the top of our list

  1. Bushnell Pro x7 Jolt

is a slope rangefinder which means it can compensate for angles of inclination and declination and still provide accurate horizontal distance measurements its view provides bright images making it easier to lock onto targets it boasts a completely waterproof housing and seven times magnification it vibrates when locked onto a target

  1. Nikon 8397 aculon

one of the most compact range finders on the market . ideal for those who like to pack light its display screen is uncluttered and easy to read making it a good choice for amateurs the range can be displayed in one meter or yard intervals it features continuous range measurements crosshairs for easier aiming and gives the farthest target priority and coming in

  1. leica range master CRF 1600 B

at number 1 on our list when every shot counts you’ll appreciate the reliability and accuracy of the not only does it have a 1600 yard range but it features advanced ballistic compensation which takes into account inclination angle air pressure and more it offers near-instantaneous range readings ranges small and large objects and works well in dim


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