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I’m going to compile a list of top five putters for 2017 I’ve got a few considerations as well I’ve done drivers irons wedges and now we’ve moved into putters. hour of testing putters this year I’ve gone on field locks performance and then variety of different styles within the range. so this is going to be a top five I’m gonna start off with a couple of considerations that didn’t quite get into the top five. okay so the two consideration putters that didn’t quite get into the top five mainly possibly because of price more than anything with the TaylorMade TP collection, I felt like the styles and the feel and everything else and no spotters were fantastic but with an incredibly premium price I felt like it possibly wasn’t the right fit and the taylorMade brought a better putters which will be in the top five wait to see that the other puts of range that I fell I don’t know maybe didn’t push on as much as the another range in their family with a Scotty Cameron select putters I found that they were good they were nice I felt like they’ve got the good feelings they felt good but they weren’t really changing the game that more so considerations but did not get into my top five he’s a little quickly testing them and then we’ll get into the top five list

  1. Scots cameron’s Futura Putters

okay so in at number five we’ve got the Scots cameron’s but this is the Future arranged and I felt like the Scotty Cameron Futura rains were really impressive. Scotty Cameron renowned as world Putter maker for many many years. warner obscene amount of tournaments on the PGA Tour he has now fused all of his knowledge all of his information with technology from the future and that’s where we’ve come they’ve come up with that future a name I thought there were so many unique styles so much more forgiveness in the Potters unusual-looking some of them but a very effective felt good felt just as good as select forces I almost couldn’t see the difference entirely apart from a little bit of a difference in the sound but for me the future range blended traditional Skye Cameron with futuristic ideas to get this family of Potter’s here little clip I’m attesting some of the future imposes yeah it feels really nice this one I feel like I can line up the best technology but uncomplicated I like that

4.Ping Vault

okay so in at number four on this list of top boxes for 2017 is the pink vault putters. now pink as you know came up with the original style of putter for the for the answer many many brands have copied that idea since and it’s how they can change and develop that answer look into modern cutting-edge technology and they did that the way that they milled the face to make it more forgiving off-centered hits and still keep consistent ball speed across the face was really impressive it still got that same classic feel to a pimple – same classic look to a ping putter they brought out some other variations of well which were more creative in the fact that you actually got more alignment tools on the putter but for me the original answer putter with modern day technology really hits the spot I thought it was a good looking putter though it performed great and felt fantastic here’s a little clip of me testing the ping bolt-cutters earlier this year and the fun honestly feels great not ridiculously supersoft almost reminds me of the same softness is my ping guy blades my description of this putter is harder than that one it feels like a hardest face than the answer

  1. Odyssey O works putter

okay so we now move into the top three pulses for 2070 and in third position we have the Odyssey O works putter range now when obviously our works brought out this range and they talked about this was gonna revolutionize putting it was bold statement I’ve got to admit and how they believed they were going to revolutionize put in was by putting these micro hinges across the face almost like a little spring type technology to keep the ball speed consistent off off-centered hits then that bit of technology don’t know it didn’t really do it for me and it’s not the reason why the old works is in my top three I thought that the face technology was okay it was it did its job but for me the reason why the old works are in the range is because of the way that the color system went through the putters they very cleverly used their technology of vice versa so the with using the black the white and the red to help with alignment across the whole family of pulses from the traditional blade to the tube or putter to this number seven Porter that obviously have in their range and I don’t believe there’s a putter out on the market that is easy to line up and align than the old works plotter range I thought they were so clever in the way that they managed to blend all those bits of technologies to help with the Lyman Micro hinge I don’t know it did a little bit but not enough it’s never gonna revolutionize the game of putting but for me the vice-versa effects on the top of the head made it super easy to a Lionel I just testing these posters back at study up beach in Abu Dhabi he’s a little quick me test them and I was actually finding it hard to mix really well so have a look at this clip yeah that seemed dead-straight very very very easy to light up this one

  1. TaylorMade spider tour Putter

so we now move into the top two porters for 2017 and in second place and it’s the only real second place it’s had all year because it’s worn unbelievable amounts of tournaments over the last six months and this is the TaylorMade spider tour Potter the spider tour plots are at the same Porter Dustin Johnson’s using Jason Day is using even Rory McIlroy tried it for a while Jon roms using it Sergio Garcia is using it Justin Rose is using it and it is being so well received across the best players in the world but not only that it’s a forgiving putter that has filtered down into the average golf and they’re enjoying using that putter as well it’s big selling point it’s unique selling point for this portrait has no alignment on top of the book site so even though a minute ago I was just talking about the vice versa being the most easy to align up putter out there for me the TaylorMade putter went a little bit different with no line on the top so the red wand is completely designed in intentions for Jason Day using it Dustin Johnson has been using the black one and a few of the players have been either using black or red is that there is no align and then you’ve got to use your eyes to line up to the hole to make sure your posture is straight so almost using a completely different method but one that was incredibly successful this year the spider has been out for a while the way that they’ve got the new weights moved back behind the heel in the toe for often forgiveness with me you blend that with good locks a putter that you have to line up yourself which is not always a bad thing it has a good feed off the putter face and it’s forgiving that’s why it’s number two in the line and that’s why I feel like it’s won so many events this year he’s a little quick let me test despite a talk it’s in the back but it feels great that feels so good off the face I love the feel off the face I such a nice spring off the face as I hit

  1. Evenroll Putters

okay so in a top spot number one puts up for 2017 and this is the evenroll range I’ve been using the even roll for quite a while now and I absolutely love it I think it’s a great putter the technology behind the face is very interesting I think works very well so the facts of the the face has got thicker grooves in the middle and they start to go thinner as they go away from the center line so on/off sense of hit she’s supposed to pick up more generated ball speed so that the putters still gets the ball still gets the whole on off centre hits you blend that with really good putter designs great feels off the face loads of Technology going into it loads of different custom fit options and it’s kind of a winning formula so Gavin rice who creates even roll he’s been in the PATA game for years and he’s used all these bits of technologists and blend into this evening roll puts a range and it’s really exciting to see what’s going to develop with this brand for me at the moment it’s a great putter I don’t think enough potential Tour players or really high-profile players are using it just yet but I don’t think it’d be long before they start to use this putter range certainly I think it’s a huge competitor for your Scotty Cameron’s you pings you tell them a Potters I think it’s a really good range of Potter’s this is number one this year for 2017 it’s the evening roll puts a range particularly I use the er-2 and I think that’s a really good posture here’s a little clip of the test of it and I’ve got loads of clips throughout this year me using it on the golf course as well [Music] never it never looked like going anywhere else right guys so that is the list of top porters for 2017 hopefully enjoyed the list it was all compiled over pulses that I’ve tested over the last year or so and it’s helping kind of make some decisions when you’re going out to buy a porter putters are so unique to every single golfer in the world sometimes your pickup puts her up a little bit the guy next to you will pick it up and hate it so go with an open mind when picking a putter go with one that you like the look off and if you like look of it and it performs brilliant and it’s within your budget it wins it is perfect put it is all about confidence if you can pick a putter up and you know that you’re going to build confidence with that putter it’s a whole more pots that is what outweighs anything else not the brand not the price but a putter that helps build confidence and get more gets the ball in the hole is way more than anything else that can be out there as a justification no brand and nothing like that pick up what’s the worse for you get fitted guys

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