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let’s face it practicing golf can be a real challenge, it’s expensive and time-consuming and who really knows if you’re improving or not it can get really tedious hitting shot after shot after shot without any feedback be it positive or negative

just like any other sport golfers need to put in practice time to improve their game they need to learn to hit new shots and how to score and it’s very difficult to do on the golf course

usually you have to pack up your clubs and head out to the driving range that’s time-consuming and expensive and without feedback you don’t know if your accuracy and distance is even improving it’s a common problem

to improve your game, you will need a tools to track your game. Here are thelist of best golf launch monitor

  • Ernest Sports ES12 ($199.99)
  • Voice Caddie SC200 ($349.99)
  • FlightScope Mevo ($499.99)
  • SkyTrak ($1,995)
  • Ernest Sports ES16 Tour ($5900)
  • Foresight GCQuad ($14,000 and up)
  • Trackman 4 ($18,995 and up)
  • GEARS ($24,500 and up)

Ernest Sports ES12

es 12 it’s a very simple easy-to-use device that’s great for professional golfers as well as beginners the s12 is going to give you ball speed and distance once a shot as registered I just hit a 7-iron the first number that flashes is going to be your ball speed and the second number is my total distance

the es 12 comes with the free app the app is available on Apple and Android devices let’s take a look at the app the free Ernest sports app allows you to record and save your rain sessions you can view this information in multiple ways view your previous rain sessions as well as your club averages and Club gapping distances as well other great features of the Ernest sports app include weather also video analysis, video analysis allows you to record and analyze your golf swing you can go frame by frame side by side and also draw lines to check the plane of your swing this is great for any player or coach looking to improve their golf game ever wonder what club to use that’s where course Katie comes in simply input your distance and based on all of your previous rain sessions the es 12 out will recommend a club for you want to test what you’ve learned at the range that’s why our skills challenge comes in test yourself or friend skills challenge is different every time so you will never get tired of playing skills challenge settings deals with the Bluetooth connection

Swing caddie SC200

this swing caddy SC 200 actually comes with a remote control, some instructions so basically what the swing caddy is is a measuring device for either your wedges your irons or your drivers this will not only give you your yardages with each one of your golf clubs but it will give you your swing speed your ball speed and your smash factor if you’d like to know all that extra information

remote control that it comes with it’s great because when I get this set up behind my golf ball that means I never have to touch this device ever while practicing so if you watch the screen you can see in the bottom left right here that I am switching these golf clubs with the remote control it also shows you right here the loss of each golf club

anybody who is struggling with their yardages and trying to figure out exactly how far they hit the ball this thing may be the solution for you you can actually have your own simulator in your house in your pocket at all times

FlightScope Mevo

mevo is one of the companies in the marketplace for launch monitors and a few months ago they announced they were coming in with a five hundred dollar launch monitor now that kind of competes with earnest sports which has a sister product very similar to this Mevo for about the same amount of money and we wanted to give this product to try get into the launch monitor game get to learn how to use a launch monitor a little bit for our reviews it only can improve what we do in terms of club testing

Mevo is actually pretty small. You can for using the MIMO and getting ball spin data on the MIMO so you get a thousand stickers for like 25 bucks and obviously we just attach those to golf balls as we hit them ador testing with them that we can get that spin data that we look for once so many different golf clubs and every shot basically

now the really cool thing about the Mevo is that you can use it for multiple sports so we’re not just using it in concept for golf you can use it for baseball and I think they’re developing uses for this for other sports too so if you wanted to track your throwing a baseball for speed and spin and stuff like that you could do that with this or just use it for golf like we’re going to use it for so we’re to charge


with skytrak you can practice and play on your own terms conveniently in your own home or virtually anywhere you want it’s 100% wireless and portable

today I’m here to demonstrate the power of this incredibly fun and useful tool that helps you practice with a purpose know your game improve your skills and become a better player overall as an instructor I’m excited to see the same technology used in commercial launch monitors become available to every golfer the first of its kind

skytrak is a realistic and real-time golf practice and playing system Skype track connects wirelessly to your mobile device or computer and accurately captures and displays launch data and ball flight as soon as you hit the ball you’ll see the ball fly and receive instant feedback on every shot skytrak is unlike any other home practice system available because of its unmatched accuracy.

simply put skytrak provides full launch data and actual ball flight as opposed to best guess estimates that you would find in some of the other systems some of these other systems don’t even require you to hit a ball which makes it impossible to gather reliable information

best thing about skytrak it’s quick and easy to set up anywhere you simply open the sky track app on your mobile device or computer and wait for the unit to connect and display three green lights then put your ball in the laser mark and you’re ready to hit your first shot now that it’s all set up let’s see sky track in action

you’ll begin to know your game inside and out skytrak is a revolutionary tool at an affordable price it’s really fun to use and provides you with unprecedented feedback and an accurate framework for developing your golf skills Golf is a lot more fun when you can execute the shots that you need and intend to hit learn how to shape shots hit it high, hit it low, hit draws, hit fades with any club in your bag you can learn virtually any shot you would ever need and then you can take these skills to the golf course

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