Best golf Irons 2018 for Maximum performance

best golf irons 2018

If you’re in the market for a new set of irons in you are in luck

Technology has never been better and manufacturers are constantly working to make sure that you’re playing with the best set of sticks for your game

Variety is everywhere in golf so we need lots of different sets of iron’s

here are some of the best golf iron in 2018:

  • Best Iron for distance – Cobra F8
  • Most forgiving golf iron – Ping G 700
  • Best iron for High handicapper – Callaway Big Bertha OS
  • Most beautiful iron – Mizuno MP18
  • Best value iron – Callaway Steelhead XR Irons
  • Best irons for low handicapper – Titleist 718 ap2
  • Best Irons for Mid-Handicapper – TaylorMade M4 Irons
  • Best seller golf iron – TaylorMade Aeroburner irons
  • Best golf iron for seniors golfer – PING G25 Senior Irons

Best Iron for distance  – Cobra F8

Best Iron for distance 2018

Cobra is going high-tech with our King f8 irons these clubs feature a progressive center of gravity and the new Cobra connect technology sensors

There’s no question the king F8 iron is built for distance without necessarily losing out on forgiveness and feel to a degree because these irons feel very far and very solid

In the addition of the Cobra connect tracking system in the grips that can track and record detailed stats you can access those stats on your smartphone

It’s a great value iron for money with this Cobra King F8 is coming in at 649 pounds for a set of steel than fantastic technology built into this Club a lot of thought going into it. I think you’re really going to enjoy the benefit

Most forgiving golf iron – Ping G 700

Most forgiving iron

are you looking for the most forgiving iron on earth? Ping G 700 is the answer

G700 has a hollow body construction which allows engineer to use our C300 maraging steel face so that’s the super high strength steel to get more flex in the face which increases the ball speed by about two miles an hour

Ping G 700 iron is the first Ping hollow body construction iron one of the most flexible the beauty of that in the golf club is ball speed and distance

Ping able to take more mass and move it to the heel and toe, high and low, and that increases forgiveness at the same time as increasing distance so it doesn’t sacrifice forgiveness to get an extra distance.

In Ping G 700 is perfect combination of distance, consistency and accuracy

Best iron for High handicapper – Callaway Big Bertha OS

Best iron for beginner

Callaway Big Bertha OS is Best super game improvement iron and perfect for beginner

Big Bertha OS irons use innovative new XO cage technology to promote distance in an entirely new way. The XO cage creates a lighter stiffer chassis that strategically saves weight and builds up strength throughout the head of the iron .this new innovation enables our 360 face cup to flex even faster for more explosive distance off the face

360 face cup technology incorporates an ultra-thin edge around the face that flexes and releases at impact increasing ball speed on Center and off center hits for more distance. By doing so engineer pushed the face extremely close to the USGA cor element thus giving the iron increased distance across the face

tungsten standing wave technology employs a refined piece of tungsten shaped like a wave and positioned inside the head behind the lower portion of the face the weight of tungsten lowers the CG to promote high launch and long carry and the wave shape concentrates more weight towards each end of the head for more forgiveness on impacts towards the heel and toe

CG of each iron is positioned slightly differently moving progressively lower in each head from the highest lofted to the lowest laden and it promotes easier and higher launch in the long irons and increased feel and control in the short irons

it all adds up to an extraordinary combination of speed power and forgiveness the big bertha OS irons are incredibly long and forgiving led by our industry-leading 360 face cup technology and new XO cage construction any golfers seeking an easy to hit iron the promotes game changing distance should give big bertha OS a try you

Most beautiful iron – Mizuno MP18

Most beautiful golf iron

Mizuno MP18 is the simplest cleanest purest club out there, the shape is beautiful and you will feeling so comfortable to hit

The master craftsman have learned grinding golf clubs with pros they know what a club should look like and more importantly what it shouldn’t look like

when you look back to the TP9  there’s definitely some things that come from those clubs that are influenced into this but there are also things that have changed a lot the toe shape has changed become a little bit more modern, more round in organic and shaping also the actual head length is changed

So when you kind of connect the dots backwards there are many things that stay the same there’s also many things that continue to evolve and change

You need to have that perfect shaping so that you have that feel and that control that connection to the club

All these curves are just amazing to feel the field these are is a proper clubs you

Best value iron – Callaway Steelhead XR Irons

Best cheap golf iron

if you are looking the best cheap irons with a powerfull perfowmance, try Callaway Steelhead XR irons.

360 face cup technology which allows the edges of the ultra-thin face to flex and release an impact more efficiently that promotes more ball speed for more distance especially on off center hits

The increase in face speed is so significant that it’s raised the cor right up to the USGA limit. Steelhead XR stability and forgiveness are rooted in how we’ve distributed weight around the heads perimeter and low in the salt that’s made possible by our modern hollow boar through design which allows Calloway engineers to remove weight from the hustle and reposition it in places that increase MOI

advanced weighting also allows us to position the CG strategically in the long mid and short irons the longer irons have a lower deeper CG to make them easier to launch high and long the shorter irons have a slightly higher CG to make it easier to hit lower high spinning shots ideal for attacking the pen

The great feeling sound come from our new steel infused polyurethane layer positioned behind the lower part of the face is designed to eliminate unwanted impact vibration for a tremendously satisfying sound and feel

The infusion of steel helps lower the CG to promote faster ball speed and higher launch characteristics for even more distance

Steelhead XR irons offer amazing playability for a wide range of players with breakthrough technology to give you more control and explosive distance

Best iron for low handicapper – Titleist 718 ap2

Best golf iron for low handicapper

Titleist 718 AP2 irons are the gold standard for modern tour irons. Forged steel construction and strategically placed high-density tungsten give AP2 irons even more speed and stability with tour validated feel and distance control.

Titleist Ap2 is the most popular iron used on tour, golf stars like jordan Spieth and Jason Dufner a big fans of this iron, they are using it on the PGA Tour week after week

What Titleist tried really hard to do with ap2 is not change the chassis too much because it’s a very popular shape. AP2 is actually more forgiving if you recall than the original ap1 which is pretty amazing because it’s a much smaller golf club

players generally like forgiveness as long as it’s in a package that looks and sounds and feels and goes through the turf the way they want it so new IP 2 – it’s a little longer but a yard and a half longer than 716 but the biggest difference is it’s even more forgiving than ever

AP2 is the number one iron on European tour and the most played brand of irons on the worldwide tours

That’s make Ap2 is perfect for low handicapper that wanna got a iron with a tour performance

Best Irons for Mid-Handicapper – TaylorMade M4 Irons

Best golf Irons for average golfer

Taylormade M4 is the perfect driver for average golfer that wanna got maximum performance, feel and distance

This is fastest and longest iron that Taylormade ever created. Using Ribcor technology to give you those higher ball speeds and a maximum distance.

the m4 it was made to replace the m2 so it’s a newer model if you looked on the bottom of it that had a longer and slimmer speed pocket on it compared to the to the old model

basically it still has the face slots on the front that basically help with off center hits so this is a really big thing for mid to low handicappers who don’t always hit the club square every time these face slots help with that

it was actually heavier in the heel and toe and that actually helped prevent Club twisting at impact so sometimes if you have certain clubs who don’t really have this whenever you make impact the club will actually twist and it’ll give you kind of an off and off hit. So they’ve made it stronger heavier in the heel and toe and that helps prevent that as well which is really nice

M4 definitely was one of the longer hitting irons that I’ve tested out over the past a couple months

it actually had a bigger face and basically that gives more forgiveness right so especially with you know mid to low handicappers having the bigger face gives more of a sweet spot

the iron has a good sound when you hit them and they’re extremely forgiving which makes it what a perfect model for mid to low handicappers even some professionals are using this clubs so definitely I would recommend least if you’re looking for any clubs

Best seller golf irons- TaylorMade Aeroburner iron

best seller golf irons 2018

If you check amazon best seller iron 2018, TaylorMade Aeroburner iron is the number one of most popular iron. Why it become favorite irons?

TaylorMade aeroburner offer forgiveness and speed for maximum distance.

The COR face design maximizes ball speed. A low CG that generates a higher launch angle. A high-MOI head design provides forgiveness and stability. The Speed Pocket provides increased ball speed even on miss-hits

TaylorMade aeroburner irons it comes in a darker grey matte finish very chunky looking Club loads away off the back toe and heel very perimeter weighted its friendly looking game improvement iron ‘

these clubs really make you feel make you feel like you can hit the ball anywhere on that face and you’re going to get some kind of golf shot out of them

Best golf iron for seniors golfer – PING G25 Senior Irons

Best golf iron for seniors golfer

The g25 irons offer the benefits of game improvement technology high trajectory in extreme forgiveness while delivering it in a more streamlined head size that inspires confidence

In the longer irons the sole widths and offset are slightly larger which positions the CG low and back for launching the ball high with added distance and forgiveness. In the short irons the soles get progressively narrower to provide more versatility in all conditions

a major contributor to the g25 s performance is it’s more efficient CTP design. Ping integrated the bottom of the CTP structure into the sole moving mass down and aligning the support of the CTP directly with the impact area. It make the driver more forgiving.

the 17 4 stainless steel head of the g20 5 features a multi material badge made of lightweight aluminum joined to a soft elastomer to provide a solid consistent feeling sound while enhancing distance control

Distance forgiveness and trajectory control with a solid feel make the g25-iron with its slimmer head shape a versatile performer from all conditions and for all abilities you’ll see your confidence go up and your scores go down