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I’m going to put a list together for the top ten ions of 2017 these are all golf clubs I’ve tested and I’ve reviewed I’m going to put them in some sort of list to help you guys if you’re looking for new items how I’m going to compile this list I’m going on performance looks feel and also factoring in price this whole list caters for all golfers so if you’re a really good golfer or you’re a higher handicapper this list is going to compile all the golf clubs together to help you decide which ones may suit your game as always these are just my opinion the golf clubs I’ve tested but I want to kind of use that knowledge to help you guys potentially in what golf clubs may suit your game I’m also going to do a list for drivers unfelt errs and wedges if they’re not already on my channel link in the corner they will be very soon let’s get straight into it and let’s dive into number

  1. callaway epic and epic pro iron

okay so number 10 now this is an iron that at first when it came out it caused a huge storm and it’s not just one iron it’s two these are the callaway epic and the Callaway epic Pro now these golf clubs there’s no question they performed brilliantly they’re long they’re forgiving they look incredible they’re a little bit on the low spin side but the actual engineering that have gone into these golf clubs are second to none the issue with that it came with a ridiculous price tag now I feel if the price tag was low these color epic irons in my list would have gone a little bit higher but here’s a little clip of me hitting them they definitely look incredible they definitely feel incredible they are definitely longed and they are definitely expensive it is a little clip than the test in the color ethic and the color Efex Pro that’s sweet eyes as good as I can hit a golf shot go straight in go in oh never a blonde going before the simulator in

  1. Cobra King forged one length

at number nine these are also golf clubs when they first came out cause the huge storm people saying it will never work people saying this is crazy and these are the Cobra forged one length irons inspired when bryceton the shamble move to Cobra they brought us at golf clubs that looked incredible but they were all one length the idea lies you don’t have to change your swing too much you can swing the same for all of the golf clubs now I see these golf course ooh in some golfers and not suiting all the golfers but there’s no question that the concept and the idea is definitely engineered to help quite a mass amount of golf as its modest when I tested them the only thing I found that I struggle with was the 3 iron didn’t click or three and four iron didn’t go high enough I couldn’t I can’t get it high enough and the pitching wedge in the sand wedge went a little bit too high just because of the shaft length and how that affects the club head speed but the performance the field the looks and the price put these in 9th position there are other one-length ions available out on the market but for me none of them look as good as the Cobra that’s why the Cobra are in this list here’s a little clip of me hitting the one length earlier this year feels great feels very very nice

  1. PXG 0311/0311T/0311XF Iron

okay so moving up into number eight now these are another set of golf clubs that cause huge storm outside with three very controversial sets number a a new to the market and they camef in like a bulldozer like a wrecking ball this is the pxg 0311 you’ve got the standard 0311, you’ve got the 0311X F which is the forgiving iron and you 0311 T now the idea in the concept behind these irons that price was no objective when they were making them mr. Bob Parsons who make these golf clubs said let’s just make the best we can make and with that we’ve seen different engineering factors the tungsten weight going all the way around the golf club the forged feel on a forgiving iron not seeing that much off that often and they look industrial they look different they look cooler funky and I get a bit like the Callaway epic irons these golf clubs would have been ranked higher in my list if the price tag was not as high if you can afford them I think you’d flip into the PhDs and you would love them but for majority of the golfers out in the world for me there’s a better irons for the money but if I look then on performance and certainly feel you then mix that with an industrial look this is why it does rank into a split place on my list the zero three double one range of irons here’s what little clip of me hitting the ions back in the washer but these are still current irons this year now that was nice that long oh this is going to go in the hole it’s long still fuck

  1. Callaway steelhead XR irons

ok so now we move up to number seven on the list and we’ve got another entry for Calloway they do bringing or find out so this got two entries in this list because these ions I actually really enjoyed hitting them and I love the looks look of them this was a Callaway steelhead XR irons and the Callaway steel head XR pro ions two different golf clubs to cater for different types of golfers and more forgiving model and then slightly smaller version of them now what lights about these ions for me was the looks outweighed possibly everything else in this category I always love the steel head iron steel and iron with mega successful in the day and then it blended that with the XR technology that they’ve had in irons for last couple years so the 360 face cup and all the other factors that go into modern club design but they brought a traditional shape back and the gel de to the together and that out came the steelhead XR I didn’t look great I think the performs brilliantly a little bit again low on the spin but when you hit them they fly like rocket ships this is a clip of me hitting the Callaway steelhead xr and the color I feel like XR pro they’re in at number seven oh there we go right in the middle that is right in the screws that loves it up

  1. Ben Ross HTX compressor

so in at number six now unlike the four clubs I’ve already mentioned in seven eight nine and ten position these golf clubs are very much on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to price but performance are right up there with even the really pricey ones I’ve just mentioned these are the Ben Ross HDX compressor range and the compressor type are I’ve only tested these very recently and performance are as good as anything on the market if you don’t know about them roster is a UK company I think they distribute to Europe as well but for the price point I mean a fraction of the price of some of the irons I’ve already talked about performance was incredible the looks they were okay they didn’t blow me away by looks because again if you’re looking at making a more of a budget set you’re not going to put all your money in just making them look fantastic so the little glitches in the look of the Bema science but performance and then the price factor they’ve ranked in number six for me the hxr compressor for the forgiving golfer and the HTR htx compressor Type R for the better player and here’s a little clip of the hit in the Ben Ross just a few months ago that doesn’t feel bad at all actually feels really nice that’s a long hit as well yes nice I’ve come a long way

  1. Titleist 716 AP 1/AP2/CB/MB

okay so in at number five we’re halfway through the list now I know new versions of these are coming out very very soon and I don’t know if they’re going to be that different to this range of clubs and already these are still on my top 10 list even top 5 this is the Titleist range so we’re currently on the 716 we’ve got the ap 1 AP 2 we’ve got the MB and the CB the four sets of golf clubs cater to every golfer ap to being the kind of forget the the cavity back Jordan speith uses the AP – they look great great there are forged irons you’ve got the AP one reaching the bigger version again talentless didn’t normally going back here never catered for the forgiving golf and never wanted to really tackle that market or they have now and when I’m glad because the AP one is a great golf club and you’ve got the traditional angel at the CB the cavity back and then you’ve got the MB the muscle back now these are pillars inside lists iron range and they’ve not changed for many many years and even though we probably no new ones are coming out very very soon back end of 2017 I don’t believe they’re going to change that much and I think they’re only going to get better so currently still in fifth place are the Titleist range of 7/16 range ap 1 AP 2 MB and CB in at number 5 hazel or clipping the hitting them what feels like forever ago new ones are coming soon and I would imagine they’re just going to slip into some the fireplace just to say but I’ll wait to test them coming soon is a little clip of me testing I feel good I feel nice but I feel even better than you look

  1. Mizuno jpx 900 Tour/Forged/Hot metal

okay so now we’re moving up the rank and we in turn number four now this sad golf clubs blew me away this is the range of golf clubs of the Mizuno jpx 900 range whoa seriously these were awesome looking golf clubs you had the tour which is the blade or semi blade you have the forged which is that kind of middle cavity and then you’ve got the hot metal which is the more forgiving model all three irons look incredible all three irons performed incredible and all three irons kind of had that magical kind of feeling about them certainly the tour certainly the forged they say nothing feels like a Mizuno and it’s hard to look past that when you’re hit in the JP x900 range they just felt incredible the hot metal yet maybe not for me but I know there’s massive the market for the hot metal as well which is the more forgiving iron here’s what will clip me test them back in the Russia and how the tour didn’t end up in my bag he’s only down to the next three clubs on my list here’s a little clip in the Mizuno’s 900 range JP 900 range a great shop that has come out I can rock it okay so we now reach the top three these are the top three island that I’ve tested I’m reviewed in 2017 now this iron number three was really interesting to me I wasn’t that bothered and I wasn’t like excited about testing this particular golf court because I haven’t really heard a great deal about it it was only at the time when I actually hit it that suddenly I was like whoa what is this thing even when I took it out the wrapper I wasn’t that blown away but feel nothing beats it and this is the Wilson FG tour v6 iron this is without question the best feeling iron on the whole of this list it really is it looks great behind the ball and it feels superb it just doesn’t look that great when you hold the golf cord and spin it round and look at it from the head kind of looks a little bit I don’t know not quite perfect and that is my only criticism about this golf club it performs great it feels fantastic it’s got an underlying level of forgiveness under it it’s not too strong lofted it just kind of hits the target perfect I just think there’s better models when you spin the golf club around and look at the back of it and you might think well what does that matter I do think it has a big influence on when players are actually fall in love with irons if players can get over the look of an iron and hit the wilson i think they’ll fall in love with it like I have

  1. Wilson FG tour V 6 iron

so in at number three is the Wilson FG tour V 6 iron here’s a little clip of me hitting these irons and just just love it the see living it completely foul also about class really really nice like pulled it so it might go an extra couple of yards murder okay so in at number two we get to the top two irons for 2017 and this particular iron is one of a family of ions but I’m only including the one because I didn’t think the other family members was that impressive this year

  1. Taylormade M1 Iron

in at number two is the TaylorMade M one iron and I’m only putting the m1 iron in this category for me it was a brilliant iron it was a breath of fresh air compared to the other TaylorMade i zebra this year just weren’t that impressive the TaylorMade own one what i liked about it looked great it felt fantastic and it performed and it performed and then performed it’s forgiving it looks smart it’s not too bulky it’s got a really kind of feels to me that it would have a massive spread of players that would want to use this iron from high handicappers to middle handicappers to low handicaps to beginners to pros I also think this iron this m1 I am really just cater for a lot of golfers unlikely m to iron them to iron just didn’t hit it for me it was too long it didn’t look as good it didn’t sound as good it didn’t I don’t know it just didn’t hit hit the spots and certainly for me the P 770 mp7 fifties just did not cut it they just didn’t I don’t know they just didn’t fit in what tailor made normally make with ions they’re just for me the world is good my personal opinion always going to remember that but the ones that are definitely thought the ┬ánumber two is a tailor-made m1 iron here’s a little clip me hitting them and thank God they brought this iron out of the shakes I’m really think I was really started to worry about the Iron Range personnel made but m1 awesome okay so we get to top spot number one the best iron that I feel I’ve tested and I’ve reviewed for 2017 now this is a little bit of a family of ions but I’m going to pick one but what’s nice about this one that I’m going to pick there are other options around this particular iron for me

  1. Ping i200

the number one iron for 2017 was the Ping i200 now why are the chosen this iron for me it performed brilliantly it felt great it flew great it looks great and it really does cater for a mass amount of golfers now even if the eye 200 doesn’t suit a golfer what I like about it is the clubs that kind of complement it and work alongside it aren’t that different so if you’re a better player you want more bladed look you split down to I blade and you still get all the benefits all the perks that you would in the i200 it’s just a smaller iron and looks incredible the eye blade all of the iron but then if you want a little bit more forgiveness you can jump into the G 400 which has only just been released and you’ve got forgiveness you still got great looks you still look great feel and I just feel like the three golf clubs the G 400 the i200 and the eye blade really do complement each other very very well but the number one item for me is the eye 200 it fits in this category wonderfully well it suits a lot of golfers it looks great it sounds great it feels great and it’s not going to break the bank ridiculously like some of the other eyes I’ve mentioned in this video it’s got Custom Fit options and I really like the fact that you can even Gio a set going from G 400 into I 200 into I blades and you would get a really all-around set here’s a little clip of me hitting the eye 200 I played and the default I’m a big mouth light very neutral flight felt right that felt great go in the hole yeah yeah yep yep easy easy easy so there you have it that is my list for 2017 and though these golf clubs are going to be coming out after I make this video but I want to make it now because we’re in the middle of the season loads of different choices in that list from better players to high handicappers to low price points to high price points and then you’ve got sets that really just cater for everyone and that’s kind of how I’ve compiled this


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