best golf hats review 2018

best golf hats

Golf hat is one of the tools needed to protect you from the sun and glare, golf hat also can make you looks elegant and increase your confidence. Golf caps are very necessary to support the game, almost all golf superstars wearing golf hats on during tournaments.

Therefore, choosing the right hat helps improve your performance on the golf course, but in the market there are too many hat choices that you can choose. But don’t worry, in this article will be discussed about the best golf hat that will perfect for your needs

There are various kinds of famous golf hat brands, such as Taylormade, Nike, Ping, Titleist and many others. In addition to a wide selection of brands there are also choices of caps based on styles such as Ball Caps, Visors, bucket hat, Wide-Brim Hats and others

Here’s the best golf hat that you can consider before buying a new one:

The Taylor made R15 39 Thirty stretch fit men’s golf cap

Taylormade R15 39 has exceptional quality. There are 8 color choices consisting of white, gray, black, green, purple blue, yellow and red so you can choose your favorite color.

This hat is made of 95% woven polyester and 5% woven spandex which makes it very light. And when wearing it will feel comfortable, even if worn all day.

This hat also has a sweatband that can absorb all moisture. Quality cap material contributes greatly to stopping odors.

This hat is very suitable for use by adults and children, but if you choose white, you must keep it clean. Because if it’s not kept well the hat will look very dirty

The straw trucker visor

This hats made of cotton which are combined with about 75 percent straw which has a thick material quality and is also very fashionable. When wearing it will feel very comfortable and confident.

This hat has two main colors, brown and black. Because it is very fashionable, this hat is the right choice for young golfer. Not only in the field of golf, this hat also suitable for picnic or vacation.

If you have a very large or small head this hat can also adjust your head by using strap to adjust hat dimensions. It’s so simple and easy to adjust the hat. The dimensions of this hat are 3 x 2 inches.

The Nike golf sun protect bucket hat

A sunny day is the ideal time to play golf. But heavy sunlight sometimes makes you lazy to play golf, therefore a bucket hat will fully protect you from sunlight and UV. In heavy sunlight the best hat to use is bucket hats that can give you a full protection. And one of the most favorite golf bucket hat is Nike sun golf.

Sun Nike golf has a unique design. This cap material consists of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex plain weave. This hat also uses Dri-FIT material to keep your head dry from sweating. All high-quality combinations of material is so lightweight that very comfortable and keep you dry some people think that if they wear this hat, they look boring. But actually if you try to wear this hat you will look cool and give more confident.

From various kinds of advantages this hat has a negative side that is too small, not suitable for people who have large head sizes. If you have a large head size, you cannot fit with this hat well, even if you buy the largest size.

The Nike golf Dri FIT swoosh visor

Nike golf dri fit swoosh visor is a great golf hat that will leave a deep impression on the first look. This cap material is 100 percent from Dri fit Polyester Twill. The visor adds three panels to be able to control humidity, so you can feel cooler in heavy sunlight.

Most golfers like this hat because the design is amazing which is very modern. This hat is also easy to combine with your clothes and sunglasses. In addition, the price is very affordable

Only one negative side that this hat is difficult to adjust. Even though it has a customize strap, you can’t make adjustments easily like other caps. Therefore, to prevent this problem, you’d better go to the store and choose the right size.

The King cobra pro tour fly Z sport mesh hat golf cap

Elegant golf hat from cobra that has three main colors option, black, white and blue. When you wearing this hat it makes you look younger because of the modern and elegant design.

This cap material comes from 55 percent polyester, 43 percent Nylon and 2 percent PU spandex. This hat also has a 3D cobra logo, which is embroidered in front of the hat which makes it very cool

Just like other hats, this hat can also protect you from UV effects. You can use it in heavy sunlight when on the golf course. In addition, this hat is also useful to protect you during light rain.

Although it has good quality materials and an affordable price. Not everyone likes to use the cobra logo. Because some people usually feel like they advertise for the Cobra when wearing this hat.

The Ping KP Cap golf hat

Ping KP is a hat with perfect quality golf hat with simple design. This hat is made of cotton, spandex twill and polyester, so it is comfortable to use.

Many people don’t like to wear hats in summer because they are feel uncomfortable and affect negatively with their hairstyles. However, Ping KP is very comfortable to use and because this hat has implemented sensors, cool technology for the headband that will keep your head cool.

Although this hat has received many positive reviews from buyers, there are still some bad side. The same problem as the Cobra golf hat, most golfers do not want to wear hats bearing the brand name in front of their hats.

Puma golf 3D cat flexfit hat

Puma golf 3D flexible golf hats are the perfect choice for teens with great designs. hat size can be adjusted to fit with your head properly. Furthermore, this sweatband of this head has a good performance to keep your head dry when sweating.

Even though it has very good quality and low prices, this hat only has 3 colors, so you don’t have many choices to choose your favorite color. Many people do not choose this hat, only because of the small selection of colors offered.

The Callaway liquid metal adjustable headwear

Callaway’s adjustable liquid metal headwear is a simple and elegant hat that makes you look sporty. Even though it doesn’t have an intricate design or pattern like other hats, this hat makes you look more energetic and flexible. This cap fabric allows to fight bacteria that protect the health of your head. This hat design is not for people who like colorful things. Only has one color and logo in front of the hat.

Final Thought

That’s all the review, hope our review make it easier for you to decide the best golf hat to buy. Is there your favorite hat from the review above? Share your opinion in the comments column why choose that hat.