Best golf driver 2018 to improve your game


Nothing builds confidence than standing on the tee with a club you trust. For some golfer the driver is weapon to win a game and for others the favorite club in the bag.

Nearly every company out there offers more than one driver and most of those are adjustable these.

Here are the list of the best golf driver 2018

  • Callaway Rogue– The best driver 2018
  • Ping G400 Max – Most forgiving driver
  • Taylormade M4 D type – Best golf driver for a slice
  • Cleveland Launcher HB – Best driver for high handicap
  • Callaway GBB Epic – Best driver for mid handicapper
  • Cobra f8+ – Best driver for low handicap
  • Cobra KING F7 – Best Selling golf driver
  • Srixon Z 565 – Best driver for swing speed
  • Cobra Max – Best cheap golf driver
  • Taylormade M3 – Best adjustable driver

Callaway Rogue– The best driver 2018

The best driver 2018

Callaway Rogue is the best golf club on the market this year

to beat epic to go farther than ever before Callaway make a revolutionary technology and make it even better, faster, more efficient, more forgiving to generate more ball speed

Introducing the rogue family of drivers the new Rogue, rogue draw and rogue sub-zero are engineered to maximize distance and forgiveness

Every new rogue driver is powered by an enhanced jailbreak effect our new jailbreak is even stronger and more powerful

New X Face VFT is specifically designed to deliver more ball speed on off center hits an ultra-light tri-axial carbon crown redistributes weight lower in the head for an easier launch and increased forgiveness

When you combine all of these technologies you get tremendous gains in ball speed with shocking forgiveness that is the jailbreak effect

So how they are all different rogue has a new easy to launch high MOI shape for increased forgiveness

Rogue sub-zero is an incredibly forgiving low spin driver with interchangeable weights to fine-tune launch angle and spin rate rogue draw is specifically engineered to promote straighter longer drives by reducing unwanted side spin

Callaway Rogue is the best driver this year with a good performance and design would be a perfect choice for you to improve your game

Ping G400 Max – Most forgiving driver

Most forgiving driver 2018

Pings g400 driver release in the middle of summer in 2017 for and they got new models coming in 2018 the G 400 max which is going to make a difference

What we love about this driver is how straight it goes and how stable it is. I also think it’s really long when I’ve hit it. They’ve been working on the state face thinness. I’ve got about two miles an hour extra ball speed that add an extra six to eight yards

It was pings longest driver ever and also their straightest driver ever

They got dragon fly talent in their game which they’ve refined and improves you’ve got a bit of extra speed from that as well

If you’re looking to hit the ball a bit straighter hit as many fairways as possible not lose too much ball speed this is definitely one for you also

The price point up there around 380 pounds quite a bit lower than some other drivers on the market so a great value offering from ping

Taylormade M4 D type – Best golf driver for a slice

Taylormade M4 D type is a perfect for you that want to reduce your slice.

Equipped with 41g of draw-biased weighting, the M4 D-Type features Twist Face Technology to provide corrective face angle on off-center hits in real time for remarkable forgiveness, more accurate and straighter shoot

Hammerhead Sole Slot allows engineer to make the golf face thinner, more flexible that creates a larger sweet spot for added forgiveness while reducing unwanted spin. The refined Geocoustic sole unlocks next-level feel and sound.

The d-type is 20 yards draw bias so if you’re missing it to the right often consistently get fit into the d-type and then twist face will take over and make it a lot more accurate from there

For slicers and heel strikers it’s the solid and powerful numbers that should grab your attention if you’re considering a new draw driver in 2018.

Cleveland Launcher HB – Best driver for high handicap

Best driver for beginner

This drivers is perfect for beginner golfer that want to unlock your full performance

HB standing for highball now we love this driver because it’s hitting that to middle price point 279 pounds in the UK quite a lot cheaper than lot a lot of stuff on the market out there

Cleveland launcher HB makes a more simplistic approach in design and direction not adjustable but consistencies power and a high launch even on off center hits and catered a blender players

It is a great product and at a much lower price point than many competitors

If you’re looking for something you don’t want to break the bank you want to get a brand new driver with a lot of the modern tech this one could be for you

Callaway GBB Epic – Best driver for mid handicapper

Callaway epic is one of the best driver in 2017 and its perfect for an average golfer that want maximum performance of the driver

Epic’s breakthrough distance comes from innovative new jailbreak technology which fundamentally changes how the club head behaved you’re an impact to promote more ball speed

epochs advanced head construction makes jailbreak possible it combines titanium excel cage with a crown and sole made of proprietary tri-axial carbon the special braid of high-strength carbon fibers that makes the crown just 9.7 grams, the lightest ever in a Callaway driver the sole weighs just five point eight grams

46% of the body is lightweight tri-axial carbon the weight savings allowed engineer to install jailbreaks to bars as well as redistribute way to increase forgiveness and decrease spin

Epic promotes control with improved adjustable perimeter weight technology which allows you to easily adjust the club to fit your swing

The requisition track and 17 grams sliding weight allowed 21 yards of shot shape correction advanced aerodynamics promote even more power, the precisely contoured head shape features speedstep technology to improve air flow promoting faster swing speed for more distance

You can choose from four premium to stock shafts each engineered to promote a specific combination of power stability feel and control

Cobra f8+ – Best driver for low handicap

Best golf driver for low handicap

Cobra King F8+ is really fit with professional golfer that have a low handicapped. A golf star like Rickie Fowler use this driver too

Cobra King F8+ looks pretty distinct on the show if you see a new CNC milled face technology it is making the face thinner and faster it’s about 10 percent lighter and about three percent thinner and that’s able allowed them to get a lot more ball speed off the face

combines with a carbon crown it does save a lot of weight allows the engineers to play around with it make sure the MOI goes up so you hit straight to shots and get the weight a bit further back so you can launch the driver a little bit better

Cobra Connect technology and I love what Cobra have done with this the fact that they’re using technology in an innovative way a different way to make the game more fun on some occasions, but also allow you to get feedback from you gain stats on the golf course see whether you’re missing the fairways with the driver. The stats you get from it you can then feedback into your practice and really help yourself off the tee

Cobra King F7 – Bestselling golf driver

Most favorite golf driver

You might be wondering why F7 become bestselling and most popular driver in 2018? We all know that cobra has a better version King F8

May be because the same performance with F8 with cheaper price.

The design goal behind the f7 driver was to give the average golfer the option to find their best performance settings

carbon-fiber crown with a texturing carbon-fiber crown we’re able to save a lot more weight than traditional carbon fibers it’s lighter and thinner and allows us to take that weight from the top and the middle and spread it out and lower it to get a lower center of gravity for maximum distance and maximum forgiveness

The Cobra f7 driver features an adjustable cg system really is three different weights that can be exchanged to deliver very different performance. When you position the weight in the back it delivers a towering trajectory that’s very forgiving in nature because the CG will be as highest

As you move it to the front deliver more speed and lower more penetrating trajectory that’s going to yield more distance

If you move the weight to the heel now you’re creating a draw bias spin to create enough spin where you can get up to 13 yards of right-to-left bias on this golf club

the king f7 driver features a multi material construction it starts off with a titanium 811 body married to a forged tie 8:11 face in doing this that create a forged face that is much faster

the crown is carbon fiber tech stream so it allows it to take weight that’s from high and move it low these multi material constructions made to have low CG it’s and high forgiveness

King F7 also is equipped with The Cobra Connect system.

Srixon Z 565 – Best driver for swing speed

Best golf driver for swing speed

if you hear about Srixon the first thing that always comes to mind is golf balls most people know they make really good golf balls then it might be time pay a little bit attention to the driver

Well we know Srixon the parent company of Cleveland this company has had the number one selling driver in Japan for more than a decade

The interesting thing though is you think they would make a club lighter to do that so we could swing it faster what they’ve actually done is make it heavier

fact is it’s gonna help average golfers because the heavier head does three things it makes the club head more stable on off center hits because you’ve got more mass about two percent more mass to play with so that’s weight around the perimeter to give you more forgiveness a better center of gravity so you get low spin that’s distance

The other thing it does it makes the club head more on plane alright because most players make their bad first move to start the downswing a little heavier head is going to keep you on plane

third thing it does gives you a little bit more club head momentum going into the ball so maybe a little boost in club head speed and oh by the way there’s one other thing they’ve got a high balance lightweight shaft that also gives you a little bit more control of this heavier club head when people think

It makes Srixon Srixon Z 565 become best driver for swing speed

Cobra Max – Best cheap golf driver

Best cheap golf driver

Cobra max driver it’s one of the longest and easiest to hit drivers which features designs that help to deliver an easy launch an easy straight ball flight

It’s a large address low profile 460cc head that’s got a thin face slide offset which is going to help everybody out there with a slower swing speed

in the address position it has a large view profile which that does is it gives an easy to hit club head shape so mentally you’re ready to crush this thing it helps create greater confidence at address and delivers a low and deep center of gravity that provides maximum forgiveness especially on those off center hits

you’ll notice with this driver it even has an offset hosel structure what this offset design helps the golfer it squares the clubface more easily at impact and what that does it creates a higher straighter more draw a biased ball flight for ultimate slice correction

You can see it’s got this Cobra speed channel on the face what this is its exclusive to Cobra the engineered channel around the perimeter of the face minimizes thickness and increases ball speeds across the entire face creating a larger sweet spot for more distance

well there you go that’s the Cobra max driver this thing just made the game easier and that’s what everybody is looking to do everybody struggles out there on the golf course this thing is going to help your game