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I’m gonna put together a top-10 list of drivers for 2017. I’m putting this list together as a bitof a guide to help you guys choose what driver might suit your game I’m going off performance looks feel and even factoring in price on these videos but

like always the best way to test what golf is going it fitted and work out which golf club is going to suit best for you but this is a bit of a guide. we’re gonna start off with number 10

  1. Benross HDX compressor/ Type R

Benross is UK company they distribute their driver to UK and Europe and worldwide. With Benross HDX compressor/ Type R and you will really impressed with the performance and also Ben Ross is quite a low budget price point for a driver. performance was great but the looks didn’t really good at design. That’s why these golf clubs have not ranked slightly higher on this

  1. Titleist 917, D2 & D3 Drivers

okay so in at number nine we’re gonna go with the Titleist 917 drivers so got the d2 which is the big footprint forgiving driver we also got the d3 which is like the more squashed up version for a low spin driver. Now these drivers perform brilliantly the locks of them a very classic Titleist. we see a little bit of an involvement in technology in the fact they’ve brought in the shore fit technology with the weight going across so you can move the weight from front to back heel heel, so they’ve got the active recoil come across the face to optimize ball speeds. but I don’t feel like we’re seeing much more from now and I’d love to see a bit of more of a dynamic and a bit of more of a diverse change from Titleist potential with their drivers

the drivers are still fantastic I just feel like they’ve not changed styles that much over the last eightten years. performance though still is incredible. I’m hitting the b2 and the d3

  1. Wilson Triton driver

so in at number eight now this particularly driver in it than break won a TV show as crazy as that sounds, Wilson brought out a TV  show called drive VS driver where they invited the general public so engineers and all different types of jobs to make a driver to put their idea across and to make a driver

the winning driver was going to be produced and the guy who won a prize of money .Eric won and he created the wilson triton driver now when it first came out there was a little bit of a mix-up

because the face wasn’t conforming but then they brought out a new version a tweaked version and what i loved about this driver the performance was

very good I thought it sounded a little bit loud but the technology of switching the sole is something we’ve not seen before, not in that extreme version. you could literally change the whole sole. add weights and hit it, looked a little bit unique it looked a little bit funky

  1. Wilson D3 Driver

okay so in at number seven we actually go with another Wilson.  it is very forgiving it’s very kind of standard driver but it seems to work great this was the Wilson D 300 driver, it had the little hedgehog effect across the head, it was almost non adjustable and it seemed to fly gray. it sounded good, it seemed to reform fantastic and because it wasn’t ridiculously expensive

  1. PXG 0811 Driver

number six we’re gonna go PXG 0811 Driver . I was really impressed with this driver I thought the performance was great and the looks are fantastic. the tungsten weight around the head really made a very unique custom fitting option. looked a little bit pink.

the only thing that possibly stops this driver going higher up the list is the price, it’s expensive and that’s really the only thing that stops this driver going up the list.

performance was great, field was great, looks was great but the price was so expensive

  1. Cobra F7 & f7 plus

at number five we are now halfway through the list and we’re going to go with a cobra driver in fact two cobra drivers we’ve got the f7 and the f7 plus there’s not a great deal of difference apart from the loft and the fact you can turn the plus into a fade version as well but this driver was great

I love the adjustability from the the weight in the back of the heel and towards the middle as well the front so you can move the weight front and back and also slightly more towards the heel

it performed great it looked great it comes in loads of different color.I think a lot of golfers would really enjoy this driver because of the custom fit options

and then you blend it with the fact it looks great and it’s not ridiculously expensive like some of the others so

  1. TaylorMade M1 & M2

now move to number four and we’re gonna go with the TaylorMade drivers we’ve got

the m1 and the m2. for 2017 both fantastic performing drivers both look absolutely incredible from the top, so you’ve got the multicam composite crown or the multi material crown with

white border and the carbon back look gray probably an enhancement unlocks at the top of those drivers from the last models of 2016 that’s probably the only thing that’s actually enhanced

and improved though the m1 and m2 last models 2016 were fantastic. in fact the M2 and M1 last year that was the best and number one driver, I feel at this timethe m1 and m2 were very good drivers

again and that’s why they’ve ranked so high but if not hit top spot because of a couple of factors, when you spin that drive around and look at the bottom of both you I’m one of them too, they don’t look anywhere near as good lucky nowhere, near symmetrical and they’ve got really changed enough the m2

where it was number one last year it’s actually coming down to number four the m2 driver just simply because it sounds so much louder and so much kind of crashy. it has a crashy sound to the driver. where the m2 last you had a real thud

that’s the only thing I can really complain about and they are great drivers still but they don’t reach the pinnacle of this list like they did last year

  1. Ping G 400 LST/SFT Driver

you’ve got the normal driver you’ve got the LS tech which of the low-spin and. you’ve got the SF Tech which is the straight flight technology ideally preventing the ball from going right or left

these drivers what I liked about them is that they’ve changed a little bit from the last model the G model, they’ve brought the numbers back which they said they weren’t going to do but they have enhanced it a little bit. now they’ve made their head smaller and that’s designed to the help pick up club head speed .they’ve kept with the turbulator with the dragonfly, added a little bit of dimpling along the back and they’ve kept with the vortex. they’re really trying to push the barrier of how fast the golf club can travel through the air.

they’ve realized that the faces aren’t going to change that much they’ve realized that the adjustability is not going to change that much so we’re gonna make it the fastest we can make it and

  1. Mizuno jpx 900 Driver

okay so we now get to top two drivers for 2017

now this driver in particular really blew me away this year it was possibly the most consistent driver of hit the straightest driver out hit and one of

the best-looking drivers I’ve hit this year this is the Mizuno jpx 900 I loved the blue matte finish on this driver blended with the blackface blend up then with the performance of this driver it was fantastic

there was one tiny hiccup the bottom of the driver was ridiculously complicated loads of adjustability and a little bit ugly that’s the only reason I honestly think that this probably didn’t reach top spot this year.

this is a Mizuno drive we talking about Mizuno, their fame for making fantastic irons not particularly the best drivers but this really did change that for me when I tested it and  hit it I was blown away by the performance they made the bottom of the golf club a little bit neater, a little bit tidier I think this could have been the one this year a custom fitters dream the adjustability but for me the average golfers nightmare because they would change it all the time is a little quickly hit and I dunno

  1. Callaway GBB Epic/ Epic Sub Zero

we now finally get to number one the best driver in 2017 because for me this year no driver has felt as good as performed, as good and has looked, as good the name epic, is the only little kind of thorn in this wonderful bouquet of flowers. I’m not a big fan of the word Callaway epic it’s a bit cheesy in a bit corny but if I look past that the performance the feel thensound and everything else around that driver is superb both drivers you’ve got the adjustability with the epic way you can move the sliding bar at the back that’s not new they’ve done that before

but they’ve blended it would jailbreak technology in the face now I wasn’t sure about jailbreak technology in the face at first the two bars that sit behind the face but I’ll tell you what the performance and the feel you get from it for awesome you then blend that with the sub-zero version which is the lower spin version if you want it you can switch the weights around and again this is a fantastic driver for me the sound the field of performance is just exactly where it needs to be




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