best golf balls for beginners



Did you know that beginner golfer should play with “beginner golf balls” Then what’s the difference?

The fact is compression and softness of a golf ball can help you play a better game. If you are a beginner you should use a high compression and soft ball because normally beginner golfer swing speeds are lower than low handicaps you need a High compression balls that fly faster in the air and add more distance. Softness produces lower ball spin which make the ball fly straighter.

There are so many golf brand with great quality that will not be suitable for you. But in this article we will discuss the best golf ball for high handicapper or beginner that will give extra distance and fly straight.

Here are the best golf balls for beginners

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, Pack of 12

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite is the best golf ball for beginners, this golf ball combines a high compression core with softer outer finishing to maximize distance and control.

The high compression core allows beginners to hit the ball very far with a less spin that make it very straight. With extraordinary control, this ball is very good when using iron, wood or hybrids for chipping and putting.

Although it increases distance for beginners, it is not suitable for professional golfers because this ball reduces the distance.

Price quite expensive but most beginners said when using Wilson Staff Fifty Elite balls, the chances of losing the ball are much reduced.


TaylorMade 2018 Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)

The TaylorMade Distance Plus, is one of the best golf balls that use great quality materials to get maximum distance

Combining react speed cores uses a thin and aerodynamic cover to get more speed so you get extra distance. This ball also has 342 dimples to get maximum control. TaylorMade Distance plus Golf balls are available in two colors, white and bright yellow, which are very eye-catching so you not lose your golf ball anymore

TaylorMade Distance Plus is perfect golf ball for high to mid handicap golfers. The distance is phenomenal, feels amazing, and the controls are perfect, and great value for money

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (One Dozen)

As the name suggests super soft, this ball is the softest ball made by Callaway. This ball is specifically designed for high handicap golfers who want a maximum distance even though they have a low swing speed. When you hit the ball, this ball produce less spin so that your ball flies in a straight line.

This ball is very easy to use when chipping because it has maximum control. Even with a swing speed below 100 mph, the ball will give an extra 10 or 20 meters farther than the other ball.

This golf ball is also perfect for women and available in pink color that special for women. Beside pink this ball also available in white and yellow optical and also you can even get mix color packages.

If you have a low swing speed the ball is the first choice you must have and you will be surprised how good you play.


After checking countless golf balls designed for beginners, we found that balls to enhance your game. The three balls above give incredible distance and control. Which results in minimal rotation so that the ball moves in a straight line.