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buying golf balls these days can be confusing here are some of the terms you need to know the, number size and pattern of the dimples is important same for the material the cover is made out of you’ll also hear a lot about how many pieces each ball consists of, think of these as layers in a cake the more layers there are the more expensive the ball generally is fewer layers often work better for higher handicap players and how those layers feel is measured in compression. So we cover the best golf ball on the market: here are the list

  • Titleist Pro v1 x
  • Titleist NXT Tour Balls
  • Srixon Z Star/ Z star xp/ Q star Tour
  • Srixon AD333
  • Wilson Staff Duo/ Duo Spin/ Duo Urathne
  • Wilson DX2
  • Taylormade TP 5/TP5X
  • Callaway Chrome Soft X
  • Mizuno JPX
  • Bridgestone B330-S

Titleist Pro v1 x

the new titleist pro v1 and the new pro v1x are the most advanced best performing golf balls ever stamped with the Titleist script. Precisely engineered utilizing the most sophisticated golf ball technology.

new pro v1 and pro v1x provide total performance for every player the longest pro v1 yet now powered by a next-generation 2.0 zg process core, the new formulation delivers lower long game spin the penetrating trajectory and the faster ball speeds the extraordinary distance and high flights of  the new pro v1x features a zg process dual core

both new pro v1 and pro v1x are constructed with a proprietary soft urethane elastomer cover system that provides drop and stop green side control, soft field and long-lasting durability

golfer’s always want more consistency both new Pro v1 and Pro v1x also feature new dimple designs with improved dimple placement to create more consistent services to manufacture the new Pro v1 in Pro v1x Titleist

Srixon Z star

introducing the fifth generation Z star series the best tour performance golf balls tricks on has ever made for serious players who demand to our level performance. the Z star series features two different models, Z star offers tour performance with exceptional control while, Z star XV offers to tour performance with exceptional distance.

both new models feature improved distance in green side spin control compared to the previous generation. this ball explodes of the date advanced construction and proprietary manufacturing that allows for a larger core and an ultra-thin ultra soft urethane cover, this combination helps you maximize performance on every shot.

the new Z star is long off the tee and softer than ever before for improved greenside spin control. Z star is designed with energetic gradient growth core technology the core seamlessly transitions from a softer center to a harder outer edge which retains ball speed and promotes a higher launch with lower spin for better carry distance

the new 338 speed dimple pattern is a high occupancy, high uniformity dimple design which brings incredible aerodynamic improvements to the new z-star.

with fewer urethane bonding ports the new spin skin coating is softer and more elastic which enhances feel while increasing approach and greenside spin

the new Z star XV is designed to maximize ball speed and distance while maintaining Tour caliber green side spin performance. the new Z star XP like the Z star features the improved aerodynamics of the 338 speed dimpled pattern and the enhanced spin performance of the third-generation spin skin coating

by redesigning the dual energetic radiant growth core also made significant advancements to ball speed and launch performance . the innovative new design features a larger softer inner core and an outer core with more consistent hardness combining the new design with a thicker ionomer mid layer helps the overall construction increased ball speed and distance

distance in a golf ball is important for every player whether you hit it really long or really short you’re always trying to gain that extra edge and your competitor and anytime you can hit it a couple of yards further that’s a big advantage

with the new z star series Srixon has pushed the limits of performance both models are designed to feel better and fly farther and get closer the result is unmatched total performance. the new Srixon  Z star series tour performance is dedicated to improving your game


Taylormade TP 5/TP5X

that’s the best performance Golf brand in the world tailor-made equipment is validated by more tour players than any other brand but some people may not know is that many of those same players Sergio, Justin Rose, Jason day, Dustin Johnson and others are playing with an advantage on every shot they play five layer tailor-made golf balls in

2016 we had one of the best tour years ever TPC swg sees us opens a gold medal winner Player of the Year just name a few and now we’re bringing innovation to this category that is noticeably and measurably better innovation that’s been ten years in the making

we develop and patented five layer golf ball technology to overcome performance limitations found with conventional three and four layer golf balls with less layers other companies have to choose between either improving spin or increasing distance they can’t do one without sacrificing the other so for us it all starts with five layer technology which we’re still the first and only five layer Tour ball

the Tri fast core consists of three components there’s the inner, rubber core which in this design is very very soft in the tipi 5x it’s 25 compression in that tp5 it’s the 16 compression so in the world of golf balls that’s very soft and what that does is on higher speed shots where the ball is compressed your driver and your irons where that ball is significantly compressed that low compression core helps pull spin out then we couple it with two additional layers to improve the speed

so without those two additional layers the the golf ball is going to be slow so if we had a 25 compression core and a three-piece golf ball it’s going to be very soft and mushy and under high load or high compression with your driver and irons it’s going to be very slow

so what we’re able to do with the 5 layer construction is utilize a very soft inner core and then wrap it with very soft and resilient materials that allow us to get low spin and high speeds

the dual spin cover consists of two layers soft cast urethane outer cover and a rigid inner layer where on shots around the green well there’s a lot less compression the stresses are more localized on the outer portion of the golf ball that soft caster than cover is going to be pinched between the clubface and that rigid inner cover layer forcing that soft material into the grooves so ultimately that the ball comes off low with a lot of spin around the green

what the players are going to see with the TP 5x is the golf ball is going to launch higher with a lot less spin the control is coming from the higher launch angle but the distance gains are coming from less spin lower drag

but I think you’re going to be a little skeptical right I mean every company says it’s going to be longer right but if you actually go out and try it you’re going to see those differences because they’re real.

ultimately for the golfer it’s going to allow them to play better golf and in Jason days words who wouldn’t want that the technology performance and innovation that’s what we do every single day is we create products to push performance to levels it’s never been out before to make the best players in the world and average golfers better and that’s no different in metal woods irons and with our new golf balls as well you



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