best golf ball for seniors


Believe or not, senior golfer needs a special ball to play a golf, because the way you play golf when you are old will be very different than when you are young. The purpose of using a special golf ball is to make the gameplay easier and more comfortable

When you get older, the strength and precision of the swing starts to be affected so it is very important to choose a ball that is designed for lower swing speeds so you can get the desired distance

another aspect to consider is the ball spin, lighter ball and extra spin are the best choice for senior golfer. In this way they get the benefits of distance and precision.

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls (One Dozen)

DT Trusoft golf ball is the best golf ball for senior golfer with outstanding performance that can increase your distance and get a straighter shots make this ball is one of the most popular golf balls among senior golfers.

DT Trusoft Ball has a soft feel that makes it lighter so it is perfect for those of you that want more distance. DT Trusoft contains a solid core that can provide extra speed at every shot.

Equipped with 376 tetrahedral dimples on the surface allows better control and response, making it perfect golf ball for senior

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (lowest compression)

This golf ball is one of the softest on the market, low compression makes you get extra distance.

This ball has low compression with only 35 compression points that make this ball fit its name super soft. The lower the core of the ball compression, the greater the speed you can get. Even with fewer swing speeds, the ball will move faster and longer distances.

It has a low spin that makes your shot very straight with minimal effort which makes this ball so accurate. This balls is very suitable for high handicap golfer.

What to look for when choosing the best golf ball for seniors

To find the best golf ball for you there are 4 aspects that need attention, namely material, Design, Dimple, compression

Golf Ball Materials

There are 2 materials of the best golf ball, suryn and urethane.

Suryn are firmer than urethane. Suryn has less spin and more control. Making it fly very straight but sacrificing the distance.

urethane is softer and longer distances with lesseffort, which is ideal for senior golfers with slower swing speeds. The disadvantage is that urethane has more spin and less control.

Construction Design

The double layered construction design is the ideal choice for senior golfers who have slower swings.

double layered balls combine sturdiness with longer distances. The three-layer design will give you more spin but at the expense of longer distances.

Golf Ball dimples

Dimples are designed in golf balls to compensate for air resistance by trapping air inside dimples and moving them along the surface. This allows more height and distance.

Dimples determine the spin of the ball, the deeper the dimple, better spin. Senior golfers might prefer to spin less to get a longer distance

Ball Compression

Golf balls come with compression measurements between 0 and 200.Low compression means that the ball will deform more when the club hits it and consequently results in further distance in the air which makes it ideal if your swing is not strong enough.

High compression balls will require a stronger swing and hit to get the same distance in the air.

Buying guide for senior golfer

  • Your Budget. Knowing how much your budget will be easier to purchases the ball that suit your needs
  • Your Handicap. handicaps make a big difference when deciding to buy a golf ball
  • Your Swing speed. it’s important to choose balls that work well with your swing speed.
  • Distance vs. Control. If you only want to increase your distance, all you need is a lighter ball. However, this will affect your control.
  • Material used, if you play very often then you have to go for a ball that has a hardcover because it is more durable