best driving iron


Do you know that most elite players prefer to use utility iron compared to their hybrids. The reason is that utilities iron can fly lower in windy condition and more accurately and has a flex face like the driver.

Iron utilities normally used by golfers who have high swing speed, and golfers who have slow swing speed (less than 100 miles per hour with drivers) prefer to use hybrid or fairway wood. but some slow swingers more comfortable using utility drivers because has an iron shape with a flat face making it more comfortable when hitting

If you have a good swing speed and skill level you must use a utility iron to give you the forgiveness, height, and accuracy

We have selected the five best driving irons on the market to improve your performance. Here are our choices for the best drive iron:

  • Best Iron Utilities: Callaway Apex UT
  • Pro’s Choice: Title 718 T-MB
  • Best Driving Iron for Mid Handicappers: Srixon Z U65
  • Eligible Participants # 1: Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi
  • Eligible Participants # 2: KING Cobra Utility


Best Iron Utilities: Callaway Apex UT

Callaway Apex UT is the best driving iron that has a soft look and feel, thanks to carbon steel forged and a touch of satin. Hollow head construction makes it more stable through the impact that increase forgiveness on mishits even you do bad shot the ball will still goes farther and straighter.

Apex UT 18-degree 2-iron is very popular among golfer because ease of use and has a great design. And the ability to adjust the weight through the port in one makes it easier to control the launch and spin produced by this club.

Although the price is more expensive than regular driving iron on the market, Apex UT is the right choice if you want to get maximum performance on every shots


Pro’s Choice: Title 718 T-MB

Title 718 T-MB is the best driving iron for low handicapper and most popular on professional tours. If you are a golfer with a higher handicap that has slow swings speed you still can use this driving iron to get the best performance

This driving iron is the longest utility iron between all brands on the market.

For better players, this driving iron is a tool that must be in your golf bag because it can help you in windy condition or when you are struggle in a bunker

Best Driving Iron for Mid Handicappers: Srixon Z U65